YouTube Go Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

Youtube Go is an app (Apk) available to watch and download videos on YouTube. Also, this app can be considered as an everyday companion to you all. The youtube go apk available for you to use while you have an active, limited or slow data connection.

Discover more popular videos, songs, movies, TV shows, fashion, cooking etc. Apart from that there are multiple video genres available in the youtube go apk. Here users would be able to download and enjoy all the videos. There are some control settings available in the app to control the storage and the data. In the following, you would be able to know how these settings can be adjusted.

The data can be controlled in this way. First, choose the video that you want to watch. Then choose the option you want to download or watch. Before you download or watch, preview the video. Then choose how many MBs you could use on the video. In that way, you can control the data consumed on the video.

youtube go apk

YouTube Go Apk Download for Android

YouTube Go Apk Download

Google Play Download

The youtube go apk is considered a free video player and editor app. The latest version of it is 3. 25.54. In order to use this app, you should have the android requirement of android version 5.0 or any upwards version. This is your chance to grab the newest enhancements of the app. It is only a 13.7 MB-sized app. As stated in the given description the app  apk is specially designed for android device users. So you can easily download the youtube go Apk by using the given download tab. The following steps are for you to get an idea about how to download the app.

  • First, enable installs from unknown sources. If not, the download process can be disturbed.
  • Then click on the download tab below.
  • Wait till it gets finished.
  • Install it allowing necessary permissions.
  • Continue your tasks with the app.

What is YouTube Go Apk?

When you are downloading a video, you can choose the location to save the video on your phone or the SD card. After downloading the video, you could play them without the buffering option. After you have downloaded them successfully, watch those videos anytime or anywhere. It can be done even on a slow or no internet connection. There are no limits to this app. Therefore you can watch or download videos multiple times even without no any extra data cost. Don’t worry about the phone hanging either. The youtube go apk has been specially designed to work with lesser storage and with slow speeds. So this is your chance to maximize the video experience without eating up the data.

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More About The App

The youtube go apk is focused on helping the users to watch and download their favourite videos while those have limited data. The developer is Google. This would be a super cool video to enjoy any of your favourite video items. Like the other apps, this perticular app is also having advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s see some of them.


  • Minimizing the data usage
  • The app is allowing the users to observe how much data that user is going to spend on a video
  • The simple and user-friendly app interface
  • You could download any videos through this app
  • Offline video sharing
  • Built-in language feature


  • This app is not providing a subscription page
  • The app doesn’t allow you to minimize the videos
  • Youtube go Apk is only allowing you to search through the popular list on the main page of it.
  • Doesn’t supporting for commenting on videos
  • No online sharing options
  • No subtitle supports

But I’m sure that you would enjoy the advantages more than the disadvantages of that. So have a nice experience with the youtube go apk.


  • Free and lightweight app for android, ios and windows devices
  • An official youtube app
  • Watch and download any videos you like despite the status of your internet connection
  • Sharing options, leaving comments and the cross-platform availability features are missing with the youtube go apk.
  • Help to manage your data and the storage.

YouTube Go Download For iOS

The youtube go apk is available for your iOS devices now. But the basic requirement for the usage of the app is you should have a device along with the iOS 12.0 or a later version. Here you would be able to get it quickly as well as easily. We have provided you with the download link for downloading the app. Then click on the download link given below. Then download it and install it. For further assistance, you have to follow the same steps given below.

YouTube Go Download for PC

Initially, if your PC doesn’t include an android emulator then download it first. Bluestacks and the Memu emulators are the best for this function. So get it first because the android emulator is necessary for the download process.

  • Then launch the google play store from the android emulator.
  • Search for the Youtube go apk in the google play store.
  • Download and install the app after you have explored the correct app.
  • Then proceed to work with the app easily.

How To Use YouTube Go Apk?

The usage of the youtube go apk is simple. Because the app has been made especially for the task of watching and downloading the videos. The app provides both functions by the lightweight app. So you just need to select which video is best for you. Then choose the option to watch or download it. Then there are several structures to save your data and watch the downloaded videos offline. In that way, you could get an experience with the youtube go apk.

Safety And Legality

The youtube go apk doesn’t have any restrictions for usage. Actually, as the users of it, you don’t want to face such difficulties. In any region, you would be able to use this app without any kind of restriction. When it is considered the safety of the app you need not worry about that. That is because the app has been scanned to explore if there are any kinds of harmful malware included in the app. Therefore don’t worry about that. Use it freely.


Q: Which is the better one youtube or youtube go Apk?

A: The youtube app only focuses on online videos. But the Youtube Go apk is focusing on offline videos.  Though this app allows you to download youtube videos and then enjoy them even without a network connection. Therefore you have to choose which one is the best based on its advantages of it.

Q: What can youtube do?

A: Youtube go Apk enables users to save and download videos for offline viewing. Other than that, after downloading the videos, the users can share the videos from the device to device by using Bluetooth connections.

Q: Is Youtube go Apk is apart from the Youtube app?

A: Youtube go Apk is an official app from youtube. That is letting you download videos to your device.

Final Words

So the given above description is regarding the precious app called the youtube go apk. The main function of the app is watching the videos and downloading the videos. So here you can download the videos contained on youtube too. Apart from that, you could apply the controls such as controlling the data and the storage of the devices. Therefore in order to experience and work with the app, get it downloaded and start working with it. Enjoy!.