KMPlayer APK 31.07.190 Download | Latest Version (63.45MB)

KMPlayer is a handy multimedia player (APK) platform you can install on all your Android devices including mobile, tablet, PC, and so on. This can identify as the best replacement for most other media players. Because the media player indeed comprises of different versatile features to offer an enjoyable experience on watching your favorite media. Use this incredible but simple KMPlayer Apk as your Android media player starting from today.


How to Download KMPlayer Apk on Android?

KMPlayer Apk 31.07.190 Download [63.45MB]

APK NameKMPlayer
Latest Versionv31.07.190
Android VersionAndroid 4.3+

You can download KMPlayer Apk for your Android freely from the Google Play Store (or any other app store including AC Market and Aptoide)

Hang on to Google Play Store. Search the app KMPlayer Apk by typing the name on the search bar. Then tap on install. The app will automatically be downloaded to your Android. Open it and start watching your favorite video.

About KMPlayer Apk

KMPlayer Apk is a well-known media player which is prevailing for years. Many users of this handy tool find it as a nicely performing app. When compared with other substitutes this media player is very convenient to use. The User Interface of the app is tremendously simple. Even a beginner can adapt to the app very easily.

Another cool feature regarding KMPlayer Apk is that it is free. You can relish all its benefits freely. No hidden charges even. Also, most of the users give high ratings to the player due to its crystal-clear video quality. The media playing through the player are sure with exceptional quality. The color-balancing of the player is also wonderful. Moreover, there will be no digital artifacts too.

kmplayer apk

Features of KMPlayer Apk

Play your media anywhere

This can recognize as a universal player. You can download KMPlayer Apk from any of your Android devices like mobile, tablet, PC, smart TV, etc.

Bring all media together

KMPlayer Apk can access all your media contents on the Android device as well as on your external devices and from network protocols. Plus, from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Can search the needed media file very easily because of this feature.

Support many media file formats

Simply you can watch anything you want through the KMPlayer Apk as it supports almost all the media files formats. Watch any of your favorite movies, shows and listen to music via the player wholeheartedly. Due to this feature, most of the users find this as a very useful media player. I think this is one of the great features that leads KMPlayer Apk to its high popularity.

Some of these video and audio formats include MP3, AVI, AAC, MOV, MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, WMV, FLAC, and far more.

KMPlayer Apk Support many subtitles formats

When talking about this topic support for many subtitle files also can be included. The support given for different subtitle formats is incredible. You can easily read any subtitle files counting SSA/ASS, DVD, micro DVD(.sub/.idx), TMPlayer(.txt),, and much more very easily via the play.

Subtitle settings

Other than the support for all the subtitle formats KMPlayer Apk lets you change the font color, font size, and also the position of the fonts according to your taste. This is a great opportunity you can adore here. Make tiny subtitles larger and read comfortably. No need to read subtitles hardly any more thanks to this nice feature. Customize the subtitles more comfortably for you.

High-quality video resolution

KMPlayer Apk supports all high-resolution video playbacks including HD, Full HD, 4K, 8K, and Ultra HD. Besides you can watch 3D movies also via KMPlayer.

Superior color adjustments

KMPlayer Apk helps you in experiencing prime quality video output with proper color balancing. You can easily adjust your video color using the options to change the contrast, brightness, saturation, hue, and gamma information. Adjust all these features to match your flavor and enjoy high-quality video output.

Excellent audio output

The equalizers of the KMPlayer Apk let you enjoy high-quality audio. This indeed helps in having a realistic audio experience. You can feel the real sounds of a concert just the same way while staying at home.

Pop-up window

You can make the KMPlayer Apk play on a pop-up window very effortlessly. This makes it easier to do something else using the Android-like chatting with someone, browsing the internet, or anything else while enjoying the play.

Playback speed control

Straightforward procedure when changing the playback speed. Can alter the speed of the play ranging from 0.25 to 4 times.

Besides the above features some of the other features can be specified as follows:

  • Zoom in and out the video.
  • Easily search the media file you need.
  • Search directly from the website by using the video URL.

How to Download KMPlayer Apk on PC?

If you are craving to enjoy your video on a larger screen like PC then download KMPlayer Apk on PC. This is also a very simple procedure. But your PC should be equipped with an Android emulator. If you have an Android emulator then you can run any android app easily on the PC.

The Android emulator I would like to recommend is Nox Player. You can download Nox Player from its official website freely. Then log in to your Google Account via Nox Player.

Find the Google Play Store and search KMPlayer Apk there. Click on the download button and let the app be downloaded on PC. After the installation process also completes open the app and use it.

How to use KMPlayer Apk?

Using KMPlayer Apk is very simple and easy. Once you open the app you can see the media library. The media library includes all media files, downloads, and separate folders for the camera too. As well as you can see separate folders for the internal device and for the external devices. You can see respective media files stored on these folders.

Then select the video to play and just tap on it. The video will be played with superior quality. The app is also equipped with easy gesture controls to alter the brightness and to move the video forward and backward.

There is another option to lock the video playing screen also. This prevents accidental openings of other applications. Easy access to the next and the previous files is also there.

Once you get used to the app you will find that this player is very easy to handle and it meets all the features a powerful media player should have. So, download this and relish all the benefits now.

Is it safe and legal?

Yes. The app is proven virus-free. So, no harm will cause by using the app. But take care to download the app only from trusted and legal sources. Then you can be 100% sure about the safety and the legality of the player.


Is it free?

Yes. The player KMPlayer Apk is free to download. But because of this free nature, the app is ads-supported. But no too many ads.

can I watch 3D content using KMPlayer Apk?

Indeed. The app KMPlayer Apk lets you watch all the 3D-based videos without any issue now. This is one of the incredible features or services you can enjoy here. There are no many media players that enable you to play 3D videos like this fantastic player. Using this feature, you can watch 3D movies and documentaries even.

Is there a seamless video feature?

Yes. It includes. Mostly this happens when you are downloading online videos. Some give the full video in splitting into several different parts. If you are going to watch such a split movie via KMPlayer Apk then no need to join the parts. The app itself permits you to enjoy the split movie very easily using these seamless video features.

Can I watch multiple videos at the same time?

Yes. This is also an amazing feature of the app. You can enjoy several videos at the same time by changing only a few settings.


KMPlayer Apk is a fantastic multi-media player that can replace many other similar players. This is bundled with so many interesting features solely to give you a delightful experience of media playing. The app is free and you can download it easily for your Android. The support given by the app for different video, audio, and subtitle files is extremely satisfying. If you have this you sure can enjoy prime-quality video and audio playback.

Kodi APK 19.1 Free Download | Latest Version (72.5MB)

Kodi is an app (Apk) that brings high-quality video playing to your Android device. One of the top-rated media-playing app popular worldwide. Pleased by enjoying your best-loved movie, TV show, music video, photos, and anything you wish simply using Kodi. Most Android users love to have this nice tool as their media player due to its amusing features. This surely brings a newer experience of watching and streaming media. So, friends let’s have a gaze on this media player Kodi through this post.


How to Download Kodi Apk on Android?

Kodi Apk v19.1 Download (72.5MB)

Latest Versionv19.1
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

Like other apps downloading Kodi Apk on Android is also an extremely uncomplicated process. Download Link is available above and you can get the Apk file easily from it. Or just need to hang on with your official App Store. Most possibly it would be Google Play Store.

  1.   Open Google Play Store
  2.   Type Kodi Apk on the search bar
  3.   Select the version you prefer
  4.   Tap on the install button.
  5.   All done. The app will be downloaded and installed on your Android. Tremendously easier action.

There is one more additional thing I want to point out. If you wish to hang Kodi Apk on your Android TV then it is better if you grab the app “Kore”. Because the app Kore acts as a remote app on Kodi of your mobile or tablet. It makes it easier to hook up with the Android TV.

About the app Kodi Apk

Kodi Apk is an open-source free media player. The app is excellent for viewing all your media files with superb quality and also in a convenient manner. The support is given by the app for different operating systems lets you have this app on most of your platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and so many other.

You can download the app on your Android mobiles, tablets, and also on your Android smart TV. It surely will be a wonderful experience if you are going to use the app on your larger screen of the Android TV. The app acts as a remote for your Android TV enabling you to watch live TV as well.

The app Kodi Apk is armed with a trendy interface but is very simple to navigate through. This is given a special name 10-foot interface which lets you enjoy your content in high quality. Referring to videos, music, and images separately makes it extremely comfortable for use. There are separate sections for playing videos, music, and for images. Plus, you can find a separate tool for the weather as well. And of course, it is fully customizable. Customize the interface of the app to your heart’s content very easily. Make it look more unique. No need to think much.  Hurry and install. Relish all benefits. You surely will be amazed.

kodi apk

Features of the app Kodi Apk

Support many OS and hardware platforms

You can have this app Kodi Apk on any of your devices at your home starting from your Android, iOS, windows, etc. Download and install Kodi Apk on your mobiles, tablets, PCs, and also on your smart TV.

No media content on the app itself

One of the most vital features to keep in mind regarding Kodi Apk is that it doesn’t include any media files in its storage. You have to provide all your media content. Have all the videos, music, and images with you and play through Kodi Apk. This lets you install many add-ons. Through these extra plugins, you can stream certain websites for your loved pieces.

Access to all your media files

Using Kodi Apk you can have entree to all your media files on the device as well as on the network protocols, optical disc, hard drive, and beyond. Can have access easily and makes browsing immensely comfortable. Syncing your media files across many devices is possible through Kodi Apk. A wonderful way to manage all your media files. with some nicely working addons. The app also permits watching live TV and Live sports events coupled with recording features.

Support for add-ons

The facility to add an add-on indeed makes the app a superior one among other similar apps. There are dozens of official Kodi Apk add-ons to install for a better user experience. And also, lets you install some third-party add-ons too. Using these extra add-ons, you can easily search your favorite media through the official websites of the service providers including YouTube and social networks. Though the app doesn’t include media on its own, the holdup gave by the app to access and stream videos are amazing.

How to Download Kodi Apk on PC?

There are two methods from which you can download Kodi for your PC. Easily you can download Kodi from its official website. Once you visit the official website you can see separate versions of the app for separate platforms. There you have to select the windows platform and then click on the download button. The app will be downloaded quickly and easily.

The other method is installing through an Android Emulator. For this first grab an Android emulator. Many prefer Nox Player as their emulator.

Visit the official website of the Nox Player and download it on the PC. Then open it and hang on to Google Play Store. Search the app Kodi Apk there. Click on the download button. Then install it on your PC. You are done. Now you can use this amazing media player Kodi as you wish on your PC too.

How to Use Kodi Apk?

As soon as you get your hand on the player Kodi Apk you will find it as an easy-to-use app. The graphical interface of the app is extremely comfortable to follow and also fully customizable. You can customize each and every feature inside the player to make it more comfortable and best suit one for you.

There are separate settings options named, player settings, media settings, PVR and Live TV settings, profile settings, skin and interface settings, and likewise. You can customize these options in the manner you want. Each and every option surely let you have a unique appearance for your player. There is a separate setting option to add the needed plug-ins or add-ons too.

Some options or settings will be somewhat hard to follow at the beginning. But when you get used to the app you will find it pretty easier.

Is the app safe?

Indeed. The app is safer to use. But as this allow you to add extra add-ons you have to be sure that these add-ons are free from risks. Otherwise, it will affect badly on your device. When you download the app Kodi Apk be confident it is safer to use on your Android without worries.

Is the app legal?

The player Kodi Apk itself is a legal application. It is pure and blank. The safety or the legality depends on what you do. If you are using Kodi Apk for streaming illegal content through your add-ons then definitely the app will eventually become unsafe and illegal. So, be cautious when you are streaming.


What I can watch through Kodi Apk?

To say simply anything you want. You can watch anything you want wholeheartedly thanks to this wonderful media-playing app Kodi Apk. Watch as much as movies, shows, live sports, and many more beyond. Plus watch social media content, YouTube videos, live TV, and many more by adding extra plug-ins.

What are the addons in Kodi Apk?

Add-ons are some extra plug-ins that you can use to enhance the overall performance of the player. These add-ons can be from the Kodi Apk developers or can be from third parties. Some of the add-ons to name are Gaming, weather, audio, video, lyrics, and beyond. Skin-addons permit you to change the skin of your player to your dream one. The add-ons like scraper add-ons let you to know each and every detail of a certain media file you wish to know (including genre, released date, year, actors, and so on)

Is it possible to replace the TV with Kodi Apk?

Of course not. As the app doesn’t have a media library you cannot totally replace your TV with the player. But you can use it to play your media and also streaming content through add-ons.


Kodi Apk is an exceptional media-playing app to play all your media including video, audio, images, and streaming content. The services are completely free and downloading is also very comfortable. This supports many operating systems and can have on any of your Android devices. The app earns the trust of many Android users worldwide as one of the leading media player apps.

XPlayer Apk Free Download | Latest Version (13.6MB)

XPlayer is a Video Player for Android (APK) that supports various media formats and plays videos seamlessly. Video playing on Android anywhere you go and anytime you want. Do you expect so? And are you still looking for the best Android media player? Then this post is exclusively for you. XPlayer Apk. One of the most impressive media players to download on your Android. This can be identified as the top-rated media player you can have, defeating all the other available media players.


How to download XPlayer on Android?

XPlayer Apk Download (13.6MB)

APK NameXPlayer - Video Player All Format
Latest Versionv2.1.7.3
Android VersionAndroid 4.3+

There are 2 ways to download XPlayer Apk. The first is using the above download button and the second is Google Play.

You can download the app XPlayer Apk on your Android mobile and tablet very easily. Any app store allows you to download the app. If you are using Google Play Store as the trusted App Store then search the app XPlayer Apk there. Then you have to choose the version you need. Tap the download button. The app will be downloaded on your Android within few seconds. Then complete the process by installing the app. Open the app. Can see all your videos in one place. Select one and play. Quite simple.

About the media player XPlayer Apk

To follow up XPlayer Apk is a surprising media player that supports all most all the media formats as well as file sizes. A solid app providing you all the features that a professional video/audio player must come up with. Watch all your videos and listen to all your music in prime quality. You can play this in offline mode as well. The app is solely free, but ads supported. When considering its benefits, I think we can neglect this small drawback of being ads-supported.

Most of the users around the globe find XPlayer Apk as the best media player to have on the Androids. And this is a high-profile app with the highest ratings. If you are looking for a powerful media player then you must try this nice free tool. Enjoy your chosen video whenever you want. Take this with you wherever you go. Comprises a clean interface and of course is user-friendly.

xplayer apk

Features of the app XPlayer Apk

Gentle and smooth video and audio play

XPlayer Apk has the capability of playing all your video files in an exceptional quality than the other substitutes. The support for HD, Full HD, 4K, and ultra-video files is amazing.  All the files are playing with high-resolution. The advanced settings of the app let you play your video in slow and fast motions allowing you to have an awesome play experience. This empowers the user to alter the speed of the video/audio ranging from 0.5 to 2.0.

Support almost all the media formats

This is one of the satisfying features that most app users love.  The player is an all-rounder. Can play all the media files formats very easily via this excellent media player, XPlayer Apk.

Just to name one or two formats: video formats including MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, TS, RMVB, 3GP, AVI.

Support for a vast range of subtitle files

Just like the media files formats supporting, XPlayer Apk also supports a good deal of subtitle formats including SUB, ASS, etc. You can add the subtitle file very easily on your video. Plus, if you want you can download the needed subtitle file directly via the player. Besides, if you want the change the font and the color of the subtitles to make them more comfortable for reading you can do so. Trouble-free and a simple process indeed. The player also supports many languages. Customize the subtitle files and watch your movie, drama, or any video you love comfortably using this amusing media-playing tool XPlayer Apk.

Let you play the video/audio in the background

This is also a delightful feature that you may love. Thanks to this feature you can make your video play in the background. This makes room to engage in some other work on the Android. Have a chat with your lover while listening to a beautiful love song via XPlayer Apk.

Floating media playing

The floating media playing feature is also a very satisfying feature here. You can move the pop-up window of the player in a manner comfortable for you.

There are some outstanding features of XPlayer Apk other than the above features and they are listed below for your reference.

  • If you want to capture some heart-touching or a cheerful moment while enjoying your video or a movie, then you can easily do so. The app XPlayer Apk permits you to capture screenshots very quickly and simply.
  • Another incredible feature to include here is the ability to create a playlist. Insert all your favorite pieces and create your playlist very easily.
  • To be continued there is some special feature regarding XPlayer Apk. That is the split-window feature. Here the app lets you use two apps simultaneously on a split-screen. While playing the video you can use other parts of the screen for something else. This feature supports best for social media networks including Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Audio equalizer feature allowing you to enjoy many audio modes including classic, flat, hip-hop, dance, and so forth.
  • Set a timer to stop the play. Sleep timer. A nice and useful concept when you are sleepy and still want to watch something.
  • Search your needed URLs directly through XPlayer Apk.
  • Mute your video quickly. Just one tap.
  • Support night mode to protect your eyesight under low-lit conditions.

How to Download XPlayer Apk on Windows?

If you like you can have the app on your PC too. Before installing the app, you have to download an emulator if you do not have one. Android emulator is an application that aids you in running any android application on PC without any hesitation.

Nox Player is the best Android Emulator using by most. You too have to download this Nox Player or any similar app to make XPlayer Apk run on Windows.

  1. Download Nox Player from its official website by clicking the download button. within few seconds Nox Player will be downloaded and installed.
  2. Then log in to your Google Account.
  3. Next, find the Google Play Store on the home page of the emulator and search the app XPlayer Apk.
  4. Click on the download button and after downloading completes finish the procedure by installing it.
  5. Open and play your media files.

How to use XPlayer Apk?

As you are already aware XPlayer Apk is a user-friendly app with a clean interface. As soon as you open the app can have a view of all the media files on your device as well as on external devices.

Using the app, you can manage all your files. Delete unnecessary files and share files with your friends.

Gesture support is amazing here. Swipe left and right on the screen and make your video move forward and backward. By swiping up and down on the left side can alter the brightness. By doing so on the right side you can change the volume. These gestures make XPlayer Apk handling more comfortable.


Is XPlayer Apk free?

Indeed. The app is free. Download it easily from the Google Play Store. But this free version is ad-supported.

Is there an ads-free version?

Yes. There is. The premium version of XPlayer Apk is ads-free.  But need to pay. Costs around $4. Have to purchase only one time. Cheaper when compared to other similar apps.

Can I cast this on the Android TV?

Yes. Of course. Can enjoy XPlayer Apk on a larger screen of the Android TV. Chromecast support permits you to cast videos on your Android TV. Have a wonderful time with your family by watching your favorite family movie on the big Android TV screen.


XPlayer Apk surely is a wonderful media player to have on your Android. It is very comfortable to use and more importantly the app is free. you surely can enjoy your favorite video in a professional quality via the app XPlayer Apk. File format and subtitle support are also incredible. Consists of all most all the features a powerful player should possess. Try it now. Bundled with many surprising features and relish them on your own.

Xtreme Media Player Apk 3.0 Free Download | Latest Version (3.6MB)

Xtreme Media Player is an app (Apk) for watching movies, videos and listening to audio on Android devices. In this digitalized world we have tons of different applications/apps on our Androids. Each of these applications is very useful. Thanks to this nature of android becoming home for many applications, we all can have countless desirable apps on our Androids by eliminating external devices. This makes life simpler than previous. If you want to bring our entertaining on Android, need to load the Android with a powerful media player.  This permits you to relish all your favorite movies, shows, episodes, documentaries, music videos, and so on in high quality regardless of the time and the place you are. Hence, here am with a wonderful media player Xtreme Media Player Apk. Nicest media player you can ever own.

Through this post let’s discuss some key points focusing on this nice media player. This post is solely for the ones craving for a powerful media player. Try this app now on your Android too.

xtreme media player

Xtreme Media Player Apk Download on Android

Xtreme Media Player Apk 3.0 Download

APK NameXtreme Media Player
Latest Versionv3.0
Android VersionAndroid 4.0.3+

Just give few seconds. The downloading procedure will be complete. Just visit your trusted and favorite App Store. Most probably Google Play Store, AC Market, or Aptoide App Stores. Then hunt your App Xtreme Media Player Apk by typing the name on the search bar. Select the best matching app version and just tap on the download button. The downloading will start automatically. Then complete the procedure by installing the app on your Android. Open the app and enjoy your favorite song.

About Xtreme Media Player Apk

As you are already sensible, this is one of the popular media playing tools you can have on all your Android devices including mobiles, tablets, smart TVs, and also windows. The Xtreme Media Player Apk is entirely free. No hidden charges. And of course, bundles with so many features a powerful media player must-have. Using this cool tool, you definitely can enjoy a smooth video or audio play to your heart’s content.

User-friendly and very easy to follow up. One of the drawbacks I found about this Xtreme Media Player Apk is it supports only the English language. Not a multilingual app. But when compared with the other features I think it doesn’t matter a lot.

There is no doubt. Xtreme Media Player Apk will do anything that it says it would to. I am sure this can beat all the paid similar apps as well. No worries. Do not need to think twice. Just download and use this open-source, incredible, free media player now.

xtreme media player apk

Features of Xtreme Media Player Apk

Supports many video and audio formats

The support of the player for videos and audio is incredible. There is nothing in the world which you cannot play via Xtreme Media Player Apk. For your knowledge, I can list some of the file formats as follow. This lets you play any format without a need for conversions.

Supported video formats: MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG, MPV, MTS, RM, VOB, WEBM, WMV, TS, WM, DAT, DV, etc.

Supported audio formats: MP3, AAC, WEBM, WMA, DFF, AU, ACT, AAX, AA, 3GP, etc.

High-quality video and audio output

As soon as you get to the hang of Xtreme Media Player Apk you will find how amazing its output quality is. You will never be going to drive off this player certainly. This lets you enjoy all your videos and audio in exceptional quality. Accord you with smooth gameplay. No need to install Flash-Player Plugins to have a smooth play just like most similar apps.

Subtitle support

Just like many similar players the Xtreme Media Player Apk also supports many subtitles files formats including SSA, SUB, VTT, PGX, TXT, MPL, SMI, DVD, DVB, etc. Nevertheless, the gesture supports for subtitles is also there. Can zoom in and out to alter the subtitle size, can move forward and backward through the texts, and can move the texts up and down too.

Apart from the above features here are some other features to find about the app.

  • Support for multiple audio and video tracks.
  • Gather all your media files in one place.
  • Permits background video/audio playback.
  • Resume: start from the break.
  • Play only the files you need using the auto loop option.
  • Multi-core decoding and hardware acceleration.
  • Multi-screen support
  • Diverse playing modes-repeat, shuffle, repeat none.

Downloading Xtreme Media Player on Windows

If you want to download Xtreme Media Player on windows there are few more additional procedures you have to follow.

  1.   To begin with the process first you have to download NOX Player, An Android Emulator on your Windows from the official page of Nox Player.
  2.   After installing it on the windows login with the Google Account.
  3.   Then search the app Xtreme Media Player via Google Play Store.
  4.   Click on the download button and install the app on your PC.
  5.   Open and use it as much as you want.

How to use Xtreme Media Player Apk?

The app Xtreme Media Player Apk is very easy to use, and the player’s interface is very attractive.  Once you open the app you can see all your media files arranged in different folders. There are different sections like songs, artists, albums, and so on for easy reference. Once you select and tap on a certain file it will play. Just one tap. You are done. You can easily play/pause the video. Can easily move on to full-screen mode. Can watch the video on horizontal as well as in vertical view.

The gesture support is nicer. If you scroll up and down on the right side of the screen you can change the volume. If you scroll up/down on the left side of the screen, you can alter the brightness. By swiping forward/backward can change the seeking. Using the icon on the right-side top can open the menu bar and customize the settings according to your preference.

Is it safe and legal?

Nothing to worry about the safety here. No possibility to cause any harm to your Android.  The app is proven to be hazard-free. So, no need to think twice before downloading the player. Nevertheless, the app is legal. Better to download the app from a trusted source to be more confident.


Does Xtreme Media Player Apk play only the device contents?

Of course not. In addition to the files stored up on your Android device, the player can still have access to any of your external device storage including discs, DVDs, and network protocols.  

What are the file formats to play through the player?

The player amazingly can play all most all sorts of media files formats. Also, this supports numerous subtitle formats too.

Can Xtreme Media Player play audio also?

Yes. Using the app, you can listen to your favorite audio track as well while doing something else on Android.


Xtreme Media Player Apk is a wonderful media-playing app to have on all your Android devices. Make your life simpler and happier by using this nice app anytime you want. watch your favorite video while waiting for the bus or listen to your favorite song whenever you feel bored. The app is very compatible with you because the app supports tons of video, audio,  and subtitle files. Download it freely.

BS Player APK 3.13.234-20210704 Download | Latest Version (18.8MB)

BS Player is an HQ video player for Android (APK). This is a very powerful but very convenient app. It is a true fact that most are looking for various applications to have on their Androids. Because Android has now become a home for many useful applications. Starting from a phone call we can use Android for tons of different services. So, now is the best time to have a media player also on your Android.

Enjoy your favorite movie, tv-show or any video you like right on your Android device.  Use one of the wonderful media players named BS Player Apk to bring you all your entertaining pieces at your fingertips with the amazing video quality. Millions of worldwide downloads suggest that this one of the best media players to have on your Android too. So, better to give it a try!

bs player

How to Download BS Player on Android?

BS Player Apk 3.13.234-20210704 Download

APK NameBS Player
Latest Versionv3.13.234-20210704
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

Use the above download button to get the Apk file to your Android device and install it using the package installer. Or you can follow the steps below to get it from Google Play.

Downloading and installing BS Player Apk on your Android is quite a simple process. The Google Play Store offers a free and a pro version of the app. Search the app on the Google Play Store and select the version you need to have. Then tap on the download button. After downloading install the app on Android and use it. This is a matter of just a few seconds. Truly a simple and fast procedure.

About BS Player Apk

To be continued BS player Apk is simply a multimedia app with a high-quality video and audio output. This is the best option to choose if you ever need a powerful media player on your Android. App handling is very easy and no turbulences on using the app too. The multiple interesting features are leading BS Player Apk to its huge popularity.

BS Player Apk is completely free. But ads supported. If you want to enjoy the play without annoying ads then you can go for the paid version. Choose the best plan that fits your budget.

The usability of the app is very high. Hence the app supports around 100 different languages throughout the world. So, no matter from which part of the world you are or no matter whether you know English or not, still you can use the app without any hesitation. Use the app comfortably using your mother language.

Take this wonderful media player anywhere you go and enjoy your video with great quality. Whenever you feel bored refresh your mind instantly by enjoying your favorite music video or anything you love most right on your Android.

This Player can identify as a light weighted app that uses limited device resources compared with other similar devices. BS Player Apk is equipped with tons of different exciting features to give you a great experience when enjoying high-quality videos and audio for sure.

bs player apk

Features of the app BS Player Apk

Support for many multimedia files formats

This is an incredible feature related to BS Player Apk. You can play videos and audio of diverse formats via this player. Some of the file formats to play include MP3, MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, MTS, 3GP, MPG, and beyond. Hence you can enjoy all your favorite content just by using only one application. No need to load your device with multiple applications for diverse purposes.

Playback videos directly from the network

In addition to device stored multimedia files BS Player Apk lets you play any media file from your network shared folders or drives, NAS servers, PC shared folders, likewise directly.  Also, you can play files directly from uncompressed RAR files too.

Subtitles supports

The subtitles support offering by BS Player Apk is quite useful. You can play many subtitle formats without any hassles here (including SSA, ASS, SUB, SRT, TXT, etc.).  This lets you modify the subtitle font, size, subtitle position on the screen, and also if you want you can add some effects (outlines, shadows) to your subtitles.

Moreover, you can fix subtitles delay-like issues also.  Very simple. If you do not have a subtitle file for your video you can directly download the subtitle file online via BS Player Apk.

Besides the above-mentioned features some of the other cool features of this App can be listed as follows:

  • Amazing playback speed: The multicore hardware functionality offers a higher playback speed
  • Lock screen: this feature lets you lock the video screen. This is more useful when your child is watching something. This prevents accidental access to other applications.
  • Pop-up window: make your video play in the background in a pop-up window.
  • Customizable skins: there are seral pre-made skins to choose from, which helps in changing the appearance of the home screen. And if you want you can customize skin according to your taste.

How to download BS Player Apk on Windows?

If you want to enjoy this interesting tool on a much bigger screen then you can have this on your PC. Though your PC is with fewer performances still you can use the app on your PC. Because the app BS Player uses limited resources and doesn’t affect greatly on the device performance. But before installing BS Player on your PC you should download an Android emulator.

An Android Emulator lets you run any Android application on your Windows. Therefore, at the beginning download Android Emulator. The one I would like to suggest is Nox Player. One of the best Android Emulators to have on Androids. You can download this easily.

Once the installation procedure of the emulator, Nox Player completes search the app BS Player on Google Play Store inside the emulator. Then click the download button. After downloading proceed with the installation. Finally, after installing the app, you can use it via the PC.

How to Use BS Player Apk?

It is very easy to use BS Player Apk. As soon as you open the app you can see all your media files in different folders. Choose the video and just tap on it. The video will be played. You can have access to the menu bar by tapping on the three dots on the right side upper corner and change the settings as you want. You can enable/disable subtitles, can change the resolution, if want can download subtitles and many more options are there to please you.

Is it safe and legal?

The app BS Player Apk sure is safe and legal. You can use the app without worrying about the risks that it may cause. Because this causes no harm as this is proven virus-free. Download the app from your trusted app store.


Is BS Player Apk free?

There are two versions of the app. One is free and the other is paid. The free version is ads supported while paid version is not. Choose the best version for you and download it from Google Play Store.

Can I play DVDs in BS Player Apk?

If you choose the free version, you cannot play DVDs using BS PlayerApk. But if you have a pro version with you then you can play DVDs.


BS player Apk is a fascinating multi-media player. Very easy to handle and of course user friendly. Let you enjoy all your favorite videos and audios in superb quality no matter what their formats it. Because the app definitely supports multiple file-formats very easily. The app is multilingual. BS player Apk attracts many users worldwide due to its tons of interesting features.

FX Player Apk 2.9.2 Free Download | Latest Version (49.8MB)

FX Player is a Powerful Media Player (APK) for Android devices. If you want to enjoy your videos with crystal clear quality right on your Android, then sure you should have a powerful media/ video player with you.

There are tons of media players you can have including MX Player, VLC Media player, FX Player APK, XPlayer, KMPlayer, Playit Player, and many more you can choose for the Android. Now through this post, I am going to discuss one of the outstanding video players. If you want to touch a completely new experience of video playing then simply you can move on to this nice video player FX Player Apk.

fx player

How to Download FX Player Apk on your Android?

FX Player Apk 2.9.2 Download (49.8MB)

APK NameFX Player
Latest Versionv2.9.2
Android VersionAndroid 6.0+
  1. Go to the FX Player Apk Download link above and download the Apk file.
  2. Then go to the Downloads folder on your Android device in order to open the Apk file.
  3. After that open the downloaded apk and follow with the Apk installer.
  4. Finally, after the installation, you are ready to use FX Player Apk on your Android device.

About FX Player Apk

The application FX Player Apk surely lets you enjoy movies, shows, music videos, and many entertainment pieces right on your Android mobile or tablet without losing even a pinch from its quality. Once you get your hand on this app r you will find how amazing its video quality is.

The app FX Player Apk is completely user-friendly. This offers tons of benefits for you to enjoy. Here you do not have to pay a single dollar when relishing its benefits. The services are completely free. So, download this nice tool at this exact moment and bring high-quality media playing to your Android as well.

fx player apk

Features of FX Player Apk

  • The first most feature I would like to focus on here is the supporting video formats. FX Player Apk truly supports many formats of videos. You can enjoy any video on your Android regardless of its video format thanks to this app. To name a few such formats: MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPG, ASF, and so forth. Also, this lets you play many formats of audio files as well including MP3, WAV, AC3, AAC, etc.
  • Via this cool media player, you can watch any video stored there on your device and as well as videos on the network.
  • You can watch your videos in the full-screen mode and if you want you can make your video to play inside the pop-up layer. This feature lets you use your mobile for any other purpose just like browsing the web while running your video. No interruptions to your entertaining.
  • If you wish to use this video player while doing some activities like dancing practicing/ exercising, then you can go for the mirror mode which lets you enjoy your video on a horizontally flipped screen.
  • The videos running through FX Player Apk are of super quality as it uses high video resolutions including HD,1080, 4K, and 8K, Blue-ray, DVD, and Full HD qualities.
  • If you want to adjust the playback speed there is room for that desire also. You can either make playback speed faster or slower as you wish.
  • If we talk about the app’s subtitles support, the app supports many subtitles formats also counting: SMI, SSA, RT, IDX, SUB, VTT, etc. Also, supports embedded captions and multi subtitles options too. Moreover, FX Player Apk allows you to change the position, color, and sizes of the captions also.
  • Now you can secure your videos and other media files without letting others peep inside. Use the secure folder option of FX Player Apk secure your private belongings using a password. I am sure most of you will love this feature.
  • web video downloading, video-preview, and video conversion (extract audio files) are some of the other key features regarding the. All these features are there to make your video playing a smoother experience.   
  • As FX Player Apk media player is bundled with such nice features surely will offer you fantastic screen timing. So, try it now my friends.

How to Download FX Player Apk on your PC?

If you want to experience this player on the big screen of your PC then first you have to download an Android Emulator on your PC. The world-famous best emulator you can pick here is the NOX Player.

  •         First download this Android Emulator, Nox Player on your PC and launch it on your Pc.
  •         Then visit the Google Play Store via the Home page of the Nox Player and search the app FX Player Apk.
  •         Next, click on the download and install the app on your PC once the download completes.

If you have a Nox player with you I am sure you can enjoy many Android applications just like FX Player Apk very comfortably on your PC.

How to use FX Player Apk on your Android?

Operating the app is super easy. Once you open to download and open the app you can see all your media files in one place. All the media files from your device and the network protocols are there in one place. But orderly arranged under different folders. So, you can find the needed video to play very conveniently. The only thing you have to do is to tap on the required video. Then it will be played.

 The gesture supports of the app are satisfactory. You can pinch the screen to zoom in and out. By double-tapping, you can make the video move forward or backward. Also, you can swipe the screen for volume and brightness controlling. If you want to change the play-back speed you can do so by swiping up and down using two fingers.

In addition to these basic features by opening the settings menu, you can customize the app in a manner that suits you well.

Is it Safe and Legal?

Certainly. The app FX Player Apk is very safe to use on all your Android devices. It is free from any malicious files which can cause you harm. If you download the app from a trusted source you will not be going to face any legal issues or any safety problems. So, download the FX Player from a trusted source for 100% secureness.


Is it Free?

This is a question most people ask when they come to know about an app. Yes. The app FX Player is free, you can download the app freely without any hidden payments.

Can I download the FX Player on my PC?

Sure. You can download the app on your PC too if you got an Android emulator with you (like Nox Player). First, launch the Nox player and proceed with the downloading procedure of the FX Player.


The app FX Player can identify as one of the outstanding media players we can have on our Androids. The app is full of interesting features like supporting diverse video, audio, and subtitle formats, quick gesture controls, amazing playback features, high-quality crystal-clear videos, and many more attractive features. Also, the app is free and you can comfortably use this user-friendly app. Bring all your entertainment needs to your mobile and take it with you anywhere you go and at any time you want.

VLC For Android Apk 3.3.4 Free Download | Latest Version (29.8MB)

VLC for Android is an apk that brings high-quality video playing to your Android device. One of the brilliant media players to have on your Androids. Resembles the original VLC player 100%. Offers you hours of entertainment with high-quality audio and video playing. Now start to enjoy this nice media player on your Android too. Take VLC For Android video player with you anywhere you go and use it at any time you want freely.

vlc for android

How to Download the VLC for Android?

VLC For Android Apk 3.3.4 Download

APK NameVLC For Android
Latest Versionv3.3.4
Android VersionAndroid 4.2+
  1. Downloading VLC Apk is a super easy process. Just follow the normal apps downloading and installing procedure.
  2. Use the VLC For Android Apk Download link above or follow the other steps below
  3. First, you have to visit your favorite app store. This may include Google Play Store, AC market, etc.
  4. Then search the app by typing ‘VLC For Android’ in the search bar.
  5. Next, select the latest version of the app and tap the download button. The device will automatically download the player on your Android.
  6. At last, install VLC For Android app on your Android and complete the procedure.
  7. Open the downloaded app and begin to enjoy it with all its cool features.

About VLC for Android

We can identify VLC for Android as one of the best open-source media playing platforms that we can have for our Androids. VLC. This is quite popular throughout the world as one of the best media players. The VLC for Android brings this wonderful player for your Android too as a port of VLC player.

Now it is time to replace your media player with VLC For Android if you want to enjoy your videos, music, and so on in a very advanced manner. This mighty app lets you enjoy any format of video and audio. And of course, the app is free to download from any App Store you like.

On the other hand, this also can recognize as a multimedia player which is allowing to play media files in device storage, network protocols, discs, etc. Delightfully reproduce all your media files thanks to this app.

More than 100 million downloads of the app worldwide verify how useful it is. And most of them find this app as a reliable, fast, and user-friendly app. So, worthy to try on your Android too.

vlc apk

Features of VLC for Android

  • Just like the classic VLC, the VLC for Android also supports all most all the video or audio formats. Some of these formats include MKV, AVI, MOV, MP4, AAC, and so forth.
  • In addition to local media files, this also can plays files from network shares, network streams, DVD IOSs, disk shares, and so on.
  • This also can be used as an audio player when in need. For better performance, the audio player of this application possesses all the features needed by a superb and powerful audio player. Some of these outstanding features include filters and equalizers together with a complete database.
  • Because of this, VLC For Android app can play any kind of audio file in superb quality. sometimes more than the expected quality as well.
  • The customizability of the app is incredible. You can customize anything you need including settings, playback, and order. So, the app is very easy to use and 100% user-friendly.
  • If you are going to use this app on your Androids, exploring media files will certainly become a very relaxed experience. This brings all the media files into one place and makes it very comfortable in handling the needed files. As soon as you open the app you can see all your media files in different folders. Select the file you want. Just tap. Video will play. One or two taps are needed to play your preferred video or the audio. Very easy and a quick procedure.
  • Some of the other bold attributes here include audio-headset support, audio widget control, cover art, auto-rotation, subtitles addition, and beyond. VLC For Android app also lets gesture controls in changing the brightness, volume, and seeking too. Hardware decoding and multicore functionality are also some wonderful features related to the app.
  • Another pleasing feature of the app is its ads-free nature. Though it is a free app no ads are running. This is a deviation from most of the other free apps indeed.

How to download VLC for Android on PC?

If you want to have VLC for Android on your PC then you can do so via an Android Emulator.

Download an Android Emulator like Nox Player. Then search the VLC Apk in the App store. Click the download button. Then automatically the app will be downloaded and then complete the installation procedure.

The only thing to do is to use the app. Enjoy hours of watching videos using VLC for Android.

How to Use VLC for Android?

Using VLC For Android is a very convenient process. As soon as you open the app you can see different folders of media files. The app acts as a file manager and brings all your media files in one place under different folders. You can see different folders like storage, local networks, and favorites. Select the needed folder and open it. Then you can see the subfolders inside. Just tap on the required files and it will be played.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see four options like audio, video, browse, playlists, and more. Choose the option you like. On the right-hand upper corner, the three dots lead you to app settings. Open the settings and customize it in the way you want.

Once you get your hand on VLC For Android app you will find that it is very comfortable and reliable to use the app as your default media player on Android.

Safety and Legality of the App

VLC For Android app is tested virus-free. So, it is very safe to use on all your Android devices without any risk. Worldwide millions of downloads prove that the app is legal. You will not be going to face any legal issues related to the app.


Is VLC For Android player subtitle supported?

Yes, indeed. The app supports any format of subtitles including DVD and ASS subtitles. This lets you select the correct subtitle files and if you want you can directly download subtitles files. There are some other options like delay subtitles, etc.

How to fix the subtitles sync issue?

Very simple. You can fix the issue. Because there is in-built subtitles delay option. You can use the plus and minus icons to make your subtitles match the video.

Can I have only a selected folder view?

Yes. You can. Simply change the preferences of folders in the setting menu.

Can I change the hardware acceleration option?

Indeed. VLC For Android app allows you to change your acceleration option. But this can only be done for some video formats. You can find the option related to this hardware acceleration on the preference menu. Select the best hardware acceleration option from many like automatic, disabled, decoding acceleration, and full acceleration.


MX Player Apk 1.37.9 Free Download | Latest Version (44.5MB)

MX Player is an app (APK) to catch all the entertainment pieces in one place. The topmost media player you can have on all your Android devices including PC, mobile. Tablet, smart TV, and so on. There are many media players you can choose for your Android. But if you are looking for the best media player then MX Player Apk is the best choice. Enjoy all your videos and audio with superb quality through this nice tool.  If you would like to have this player on your Android, here are some points you would love to know.

mx player

How to Download MX Player APK for Android

MX Player Apk 1.37.9 Download

APK NameMX Player
Latest Versionv1.37.9
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

Downloading the MX Player Apk for your Android device is a pretty simple process. Use the above download button or Visit your favorite App store. Most of the time it is Google Play Store. Search the app and select the needed version. That means ads supported free version or the ad-free pro version. Select the best match for you and download it directly on your Android.

What is MX Player APK?

MX Player Apk is a media player. Specialized for playing videos. But acts greatly in playing all your audio media also. Over 500 million downloads of this application prove its greater serviceability and popularity among Android users. The app certainly is a new way to watch your favorite movies and TV episodes. Replace your traditional cable TV connection with MX Player Apk and stay happier in your free time with this. MX Player Apk can identify as the first most video player with multi-core decoding and subtitle gesture functionality.

The popularity of the app indeed is due to its nice features. The application supports every video format and is entirely free. You can download the app very easily from any of the app stores including the Google Play Store.

The video and the audio quality of the MX player Apk are amazing and mind-blowing. If you once get your hand on this player, I am sure you will not turn your back.

mx player apk

MX Player Apk Features

  • This offers tons of movies, TV episodes, music, news, sports, TV, Live TV, and so on. The app lets you relish your favorite video online and offline mode. All are premium content. Never going to run out of things to watch if you have this with you.
  • MX Player Apk supports around 8 languages including Indian Regional Languages and English.
  • Supports many video formats including MP4, WMV, MKV, etc. As it has a high hardware acceleration you can watch videos with high-resolutions including 4K videos. Also, can replicate videos in 4k and Full-HD quality.
  • This HW+ hardware accelerator lets the player accept many gesture controls. Zoom in and out, tap to play/pause, pan by swiping the screen, and beyond are some.
  • MX Player Apk Subtitle gestures let you scroll forward and backward if you want to move to the next or the previous texts. Or else you can move up and down to move your text up and down. The supported subtitles formats are many. From many some of the formats include MicroDVD(.sub), MPL2(.mpl), Teletext, TMPlayer(.txt), DVD, DVB, SSA/*ASS* subtitle tracks and many more.
  • MX Player Apk is the first video player with multi-core decoding. Therefore, it acts 70% better than the players with one-core decoding functionality.
  • Once you install this player on your Android all the media files on your Android gather here. No need to roam here and there to find your media file. All are in one place.
  • Kids lock feature is another outstanding feature of MX Player apk that most parents like. Because with the use of this nice feature parents get the ability to lock the screen when playing the video. This stops the kid from opening unwanted apps and content. Safer for your kids under your supervision. 
  • Moreover, with the use of this application, you can share videos, music, images, and so on without spending your mobile data. Enables new means of sharing media files.

How to Download MX Player for PC


It is a known fact that there is no PC version of this nice tool. Therefore, if you want to have an MX Player Apk on your PC, you must download an Android Emulator on your Windows first. The best Android Emulator you can have is NOX Player.

  1.   First, download Nox Player from its official website by clicking on the download button.
  2.   Then install it. After the process is completed find the Google Play Store inside the emulator and login to your Google account or sign up if you do not have an account still.
  3.   After login in or sign up to the Google account search the MX Player Apk and install it on your PC.
  4.   Then your installation process begins. After the process completes you can double-click and open the app. And use it to play all your media files. Watch as much as movies and series using this nice player.

How to use MX Player Apk?

  • Once you download MX Player app navigating through the app is very easy and a comfortable procedure.
  • You can see all your media files in different folders in one place. You can see your WhatsApp videos, device videos, gifs, and others in different folders making it very convenient to access.
  • Then all you have to do is to open the video you need to play. When you tap on the video a dialog box will appear and asks whether to resume the video from the place where you stopped or else asks to start over the video from the beginning. Select your option and video will be played.
  • By swiping the MX Player screen on the left you can control the volume of the video and by swiping the right of the screen you can control the brightness of the video.
  • In addition, there are buttons to play/pause, play previous/next, full-screen mode, and so on. You can add the subtitles file needed and can alter the video quality as well by opening the options menu button on the right-side upper corner (three dots)
  • If you want to use the MX Player like an MP3 audio player then click on the options menu bar and select the settings options. Then at the top, you will find an option: use it as an audio player. Click the button and you are done. Now you can use the app as an audio player.

Safety and the legality

Indeed. The app is very safe to use if you are going to download it from a trusted app store. It is there in the Google Play Store for more than decades and most ad-free users all around the world prove that the app is very safe and also legal to use on all your Android devices. The app is also free from malicious files as well.


Can we use MX Player Apk as an Audio Player?

Of course. You can use this as an audio player when you want. All you need to do is to change some setting options. It is a very simple procedure.

Is MX Player Apk free?

Both free and the paid versions are there. The only difference between the two versions is: the free version is ads supported while the pro version is ads-free.

Can I have MX Player Apk on my PC?

Yes. You can. If you have an Android emulator like Nox Player on your Android then you can have this app.


MX Player Apk is a wonderful media player you can use to play all your videos and audio with high quality. The app is bundled with so many features that let you enjoy your entertaining time happily. Completely free and can have on free users all your Android and iOS devices.

Playit Latest Version Update 05.06.2021 Download

The developers of the Playit released the latest update of the app on the 05th of June 2021. This update will carry lots of new features and awaited bug fixes. Here are the changes that included in the latest version 05/06/2021


Download Latest Version

Playit Now Supports More Sites to Download

Playit is an application that has the ability to download videos from the internet for free. In the previous versions, there is a list of sites that this app supports. So with the latest Playit version, this list extended with more sites. Therefore, the users can easily download their favorite videos.

Faster Loading

When you open the app, it will scan your videos on your device and preview the list. Then you can open any media file that you want. This Playit latest version has increased the loading speed of those media files. So you don’t have to wait for more time because your file will load instantly.

Videos from Removable Disks

If your Android smartphone support On The Go USB or OTG you can plug in some pen drives to your smartphone and access its data. Now the Playit has the access to the OTG drive via the app. This app can scan all the media files on the OTG drive and view them on the app screen. Then you can play all the media files on the Playit.

Playit Video Resume Bug

In the earlier versions of the app, there was a Bug when pausing and resuming the videos. This was a most annoying bug for the users of the app. Therefore, the developers fixed this issue and updated the app with the Playit latest version. Now that bug will not arise anymore. You can enjoy the video play without any problem.

New Music Visualization

As Playit  is also working as a High-Quality music player, when it is playing music you will see a visualization. So now you can have lots of different visualizations with the latest version. You can design different styles as you want.

Lots of Bug Fixes

There were several small bugs available in the previous versions. In the latest update of Playit will resolve all the bugs and give you a smooth video playing experience.

Playit Apk Latest Update [14-04-2021] Download

Playit Apk is the Latest update for 2021 and it is becoming more popular among the users so far. Developers fixed lots of bugs and improved for better for your smartphone or device. This is the best Android Media player that any smart user can use on their smartphone right now. This is absolutely free to download to your Android smartphone or tablet and there are lots of features available to use. You can fulfill your all entertainment from this amazing media player. It is possible to play both videos files and audio files without any problem at all. Download now.

playit apk

What is Playit Apk

Playit Apk is the perfect solution for playing videos and music on your Android smartphone. Basically, this is a media player for Android. There are more millions of users who are using this media player for their entertainment purposes. This was the most popular player in 2020 and it still continues to rock in 2021 too. This latest version brings you all the new features and bug fixes from the previous version. Fortunately, this Playit Apk does not need any high-end or flagship requirements to run. The app will run smoothly on your Android device.


  • Supports all kinds of video formats and codecs to the player.
  • Scan all the media files in the device storage and let you manage them.
  • Can search videos and audio online and ability to play them on the player.
  • Allow multitasking and gives the ability to play in the background.

Playit Apk New Update Improvements

  • Improved Quick Launch Time – The previous version of the Playit Apk was a little bit slower so the developers fixed the issue and now the app loads to the screen instantly.
  • Files load faster than ever – When you browse through your directory, the Playit Apk will quickly identify all the media files that can show from the player.
  • OTG Support – Users can easily plug any USB storage device into the smartphone via OTG and play media files in it via the Playit Apk OTG is now readable.
  • Video Resume Bug Cleared – From the previous version there was a bug that can you cannot resume the video and now developers have fixed it.
  • New Music Visualization – When playing music there is a new design available for the Visualization.
  • Stability and Several more bug fixes – The Playit Apk Latest version is now more stable than ever when compared to the other versions.

How to Download

You need an Android smartphone or device which has the Android 4.1 or higher version. Then go to the download page of this site and click the download button. Then the latest version will be available. If you want to download it from Google Play then use the Download from Google Play Button and it will instantly redirect you to the Google Play Store. If you want the APK to use the first mentioned button. After downloading the APK file go to the open it and start the installation. If you want more details about the installation go to the download page of this site.