Playit Latest Version Update 05.06.2021 Download

The developers of the Playit released the latest update of the app on the 05th of June 2021. This update will carry lots of new features and awaited bug fixes. Here are the changes that included in the latest version 05/06/2021


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Playit Now Supports More Sites to Download

Playit is an application that has the ability to download videos from the internet for free. In the previous versions, there is a list of sites that this app supports. So with the latest Playit version, this list extended with more sites. Therefore, the users can easily download their favorite videos.

Faster Loading

When you open the app, it will scan your videos on your device and preview the list. Then you can open any media file that you want. This Playit latest version has increased the loading speed of those media files. So you don’t have to wait for more time because your file will load instantly.

Videos from Removable Disks

If your Android smartphone support On The Go USB or OTG you can plug in some pen drives to your smartphone and access its data. Now the Playit has the access to the OTG drive via the app. This app can scan all the media files on the OTG drive and view them on the app screen. Then you can play all the media files on the Playit.

Playit Video Resume Bug

In the earlier versions of the app, there was a Bug when pausing and resuming the videos. This was a most annoying bug for the users of the app. Therefore, the developers fixed this issue and updated the app with the Playit latest version. Now that bug will not arise anymore. You can enjoy the video play without any problem.

New Music Visualization

As Playit  is also working as a High-Quality music player, when it is playing music you will see a visualization. So now you can have lots of different visualizations with the latest version. You can design different styles as you want.

Lots of Bug Fixes

There were several small bugs available in the previous versions. In the latest update of Playit will resolve all the bugs and give you a smooth video playing experience.

Playit Apk Latest Update [14-04-2021] Download

Playit Apk is the Latest update for 2021 and it is becoming more popular among the users so far. Developers fixed lots of bugs and improved for better for your smartphone or device. This is the best Android Media player that any smart user can use on their smartphone right now. This is absolutely free to download to your Android smartphone or tablet and there are lots of features available to use. You can fulfill your all entertainment from this amazing media player. It is possible to play both videos files and audio files without any problem at all. Download now.

playit apk

What is Playit Apk

Playit Apk is the perfect solution for playing videos and music on your Android smartphone. Basically, this is a media player for Android. There are more millions of users who are using this media player for their entertainment purposes. This was the most popular player in 2020 and it still continues to rock in 2021 too. This latest version brings you all the new features and bug fixes from the previous version. Fortunately, this Playit Apk does not need any high-end or flagship requirements to run. The app will run smoothly on your Android device.


  • Supports all kinds of video formats and codecs to the player.
  • Scan all the media files in the device storage and let you manage them.
  • Can search videos and audio online and ability to play them on the player.
  • Allow multitasking and gives the ability to play in the background.

Playit Apk New Update Improvements

  • Improved Quick Launch Time – The previous version of the Playit Apk was a little bit slower so the developers fixed the issue and now the app loads to the screen instantly.
  • Files load faster than ever – When you browse through your directory, the Playit Apk will quickly identify all the media files that can show from the player.
  • OTG Support – Users can easily plug any USB storage device into the smartphone via OTG and play media files in it via the Playit Apk OTG is now readable.
  • Video Resume Bug Cleared – From the previous version there was a bug that can you cannot resume the video and now developers have fixed it.
  • New Music Visualization – When playing music there is a new design available for the Visualization.
  • Stability and Several more bug fixes – The Playit Apk Latest version is now more stable than ever when compared to the other versions.

How to Download

You need an Android smartphone or device which has the Android 4.1 or higher version. Then go to the download page of this site and click the download button. Then the latest version will be available. If you want to download it from Google Play then use the Download from Google Play Button and it will instantly redirect you to the Google Play Store. If you want the APK to use the first mentioned button. After downloading the APK file go to the open it and start the installation. If you want more details about the installation go to the download page of this site.

Playit App Download For Android iOS and PC | Latest Version

Playit App is usually used for playing any media file including video and audio. If anyone requires all one media player, just suggest this app. It is not a normal video player. That is an easy downloader too.

playit app

What is Playit App?

How can I introduce this app? Just a simple media player app. But do you know it is the best HD video player for the year 2020? Therefore watch the best films and games unlimited by using the PLAYit App. Aside from that download any featuring video from YouTube or Facebook anywhere and watch it through this video player. Even if there are poor network connections this performs well. 

Features of the PLAYit App

  • Many formats of audio and videos are supportive 

There are various formats of the audios and videos carried by the PLAYit App. There are formats such as FLV, 4k, and 1080p. videos. The mp3 file formats are supported for the application too. 

  • Auto-detection and controlling local media files 

Here the files contained in the device can be auto recognized through the PLAYit. Even by this app sorting and sharing can be done easily. Also, there is no issue with the formats that you have downloaded. The formats will be auto-detected by the app itself. 

  • Quick searching and playing 

  Here the PLAYit app allows searching the contents privately. Just after browsing, if the user desired to download it, tap on the download. Then after that, all the images and videos would be saved. 

  • Video to audio 

The PLAYit is not only a normal media player. Therefore it is the best converter. Convert the required videos to the audio just within a small period of time. 

How to download Playit App for Android? 

Only a few steps that you have to follow in order to download the PLAYit. 

  • Go to the download page and get the app 
  • Use the download button on the page to get the apk file 
  • After the download open the apk file and click on the install button 
  • Once it has installed successfully, start working with the app 

How to download for pc? 

If your pc doesn’t contain an android emulator, initially download it prior to install this video player. 

  • Download BlueStacks software for your pc. 
  • Once the download is over, then log into your Google account. 
  • For access to the google play store, a Google account required. 
  • Then search for the PLAYit app on the search bar. 
  • Once you have explored it, click on the install. 

Legality and safety? 

Prior to the download of the PLAYit App anyone who wants it has to pay attention to these facts. Certainly, this app is safe. It is a 100% virus-free app. Therefore download it without any issue. Also, Google play store has assured its legality and safety. Get it from the Google play store. 


Q: Where Playit app developed? 

A: Indian App company developed this video player for the market

Q: What is the requirement of the PLAYit App? 

A: In order to work with the app, the device has to be 4.2 or upwards. 

Q: Are there any ads available here? 

A: Yes, here there are some advertisements contained in the PLAYit App. 

 Here are all the details about this video player/converter. Then try it and explore yourselves. 

PLAYit for PC Download For Windows 10, 8, and 7

Playit for PC is a very useful app for all pc users that would prefer much more about the entertainment. Sometimes you are worrying that you can’t use such a great app with your pc. There are multiple features offered with this Playit for PC. Now anyone hasn’t to concern about the usage of the app on the devices. On any device, the app is compatible to use. Actually, what is the PLAYit and what is it for? This is a multi-tasking application. Because that is a combination of more purposes. Mainly that is a video and audio player. And the PLAYit for PC is capable of the detection of local files consistent in the device and in the SD card. If you would prefer to get this app onto your device then follow the steps given below.

playit for pc

How to Download and Install Playit For PC?

Playit For PC Download

Method 1

  1. Download the PLAYit For PC Windows version to your pc or computer.
  2. After that, the PLAYit.exe will be available on your device. 
  3. There is a possibility of appearing a warning. Click for more info there. The warning appeared due to the inability to identify the app. That is not to concern.
  4. Then there will be more alerts pop up. Keep your activity proceeding by allowing the necessary conditions. 
  5. When you have seen the setup, click on the nextplayit exe
  6. Then components have to be chosen. Next to that click on the next again.
  7. Then select the place where you wanted to move the file.playit for pc install
  8. You have to wait a few seconds for the whole process. 
  9. Now the process has finished. You only have to play the music videos that you need.
  10. Start the running of the PLAYit For PC and enjoy it with your favorite movies and TV series or VIdeos.playit player windows

Method 2

  1. You have to have an android emulator to get the app as this method. Therefore if you haven’t previously installed an android emulator, then install BlueStacks, NOX, Gamelooop, or else first.
  1. The installation of an emulator can be easily done. Then after that open the android emulator. That is quite easy. 
  2. Just after opening the android emulator, you are able to watch the interface of the emulator. 
  3. Then explore the Google play store by the home screen. Open it by double click. 
  4. After opening the app search for the required application by its name. 
  5. Just after clicking on the installation, the PLAYit for PC would be installed. 

The main features on PLAYit for PC

Here are the features that any user can obtain by using Play It on your pc. 

  • The PLAYit for PC is a video and audio player with it’s the best quality. Because the app has offered all the contents in the best HD quality. 
  • The PLAYit app supports multiple gestures. Without any disturbance, the user can get his entertainment while working. Because the app supports floating windows and background players. 
  • Subtitles are the other feature offered by the PLAYit. When you are watching a movie or any other video you can enjoy subtitles in English or Hindi. 
  • This is the best locater. It saves us time too. Within a short period of time, the PLAYit for PC app would locate all the files. Here are the main features of the PLAYit for PC app. 


Q: Can I share the videos?

A: Yes definitely. You can try the other videos that are not supported under the other sharing apps even.

Q: Is this the best converter?

A: Yes, that is extremely true. By using Playit app the all mp4 files into mp3.

Here are all the facts regarding the PLAYit for PC. If the reader concludes that the app is better, then start with it.

PLAYit Download For Android and PC | Latest Version

If you have known any app with a combination of audio and video player, certainly it should be the PLAYit. Because that is the popular app for the same task. Apart from the stated main use, there are multiple uses you can get after PLAYit Download. That is the best locater for audio and video, best converter, and offering subtitles. Although by playing any item that you wanted at any time you are capable of taking an outcome in the best quality. 

Some people are raising questions regarding the worth of doing PLAYit Download. Actually, they are worried about the use of this app. When you are stressed while working then PLAYit is more useful. While you are working with any other app, the PLAYit will work in the background and even in the floating window. Therefore the app is more useful. Just do PLAYit Download without any hesitation.

playit download

How to Do PLAYit Download for an Android Device?

Playit v2.5.3.34 Download [22.32MB]

Download From PlayStore

  1. Use the PLAYit Download Button above and get the Apk file. 
  2. Then find the Unknown Sources on the settings of the Android device and enable it to perform the installation process. 
  3. Next access the download directory and open the downloaded Apk file.
  4. Follow the APK Installer instructions for the installation. 
  5. After that, open the app and enjoy it.

How to PLAYit Download for PC?

PLAYit Download For PC

Method 1

  • Download the PLAYit.exe file to pc.
  • Then it would be available in the download manager file. Open it by double-clicking on it. 
  • Sometimes as the next a warning can be seen. If it is there click for more info. 
  • The warning may be due to the inability of recognising the app. But it can be installed without any obstacle. Then click the Run anyway button on the next alert 
  • Then there will be more alerts pop up. Keep your process going by allowing the necessary conditions. 
  • When you have seen the setup, click on the next 
  • In the next step, the components have to be chosen. Right after that click on the next again. 
  • In this step, the user has to select the place of the installation, after that click on the install. 
  • You have to remain for 30 seconds for the whole process. 
  • Now the process of installation is over. You only have to play the music videos that you need. 
  • Start the running of the app and enjoy it with your favorite videos.

Method 2

  • To proceed with the PLAYit Download process, you need an android emulator. Therefore if you haven’t previously installed an android emulator, then install BlueStacks or else menu 
  • play 
  • The installation of an emulator can be easily done. Then after that open the android emulator. That is quite easy. 
  • Just after opening the android emulator, you are able to watch the interface of the emulator. 
  • Then explore the Google play store by the home screen. Open it by double click. 
  • After opening the app search for the required application by its name. 
  • Just after clicking on the installation, the PLAYit would be installed. 

By the steps stated here, any expected user of this app can easily do Playit Download on your required device easily.

PLAYit APK Download | A New Video Player & Music Player

Playit Apk is a well-known app throughout the world. That became famous due to the existing features of the app. The PLAYit Apk could be identified as a composition. Actually this is the composition of the audio and video player. Therefore the usage of this app makes you better in all aspects and surely the PLAYit would help you to get relaxed at your work and proceed with the work quickly.  Certainly, any reader has an idea about this app. Then you have a doubt about your device. Is this app compatible with my device or not. The app is supportive of the android devices and for the pc. Therefore without any obstacle, any desired user can get it simply.

playit apk

Features of the PLAYit Apk

  • There are two main functions of the PLAYit Apk. It can consider as a video player.  The app locates all the videos on your device and the SD card. Then assume that the user wants any other video item from anywhere. So simply search the video and explore it and play it from the PLAYit. 
  • Saving and sharing options are allowed by the app. The user can save the videos from Facebook, WhatsApp, or else from the TikTok. Then after that share the video to any place or any person. 
  • The other main function is the music player. As the video playing the audio items can be played. 
  • All of the videos and audios can be played in their best quality. From any other app, anyone wouldn’t explore the features in here. 
  • PLAYit Apk is a great converter too. Can Convert MP4 for the MP3 just in a few minutes. For that purpose, you don’t want any extraordinary app. 

Just after installing the PLAYit Apk into your device, simply the user can continue with their work. That is so simple in the behavior and there are two other factors that have to check prior to the installation of the app. Those are safety and Legality. Working with the app is safe. Because the app has proved that is free from any harmful issue. Apart from that, the PLAYit has legally assured and there is no obstacle for the usage it. 

How to Download PLAYit Apk to an Android Device?

  1. Go to the PLAYit Apk Download Page of this site.
  2. Then find the button PLAYit Apk Download in the Download Page.
  3. Then click on the Download Button to get the app.
  4. After the downloading process click on the install.
  5. Feel free with the working Playit.

How to Download PLAYit Apk For PC?

  1. For these methods, first of all, the pc user has to install an android emulator.
  2. By using this android emulator any pc user is capable of installing the app onto pc.
  3. Then only thing remain is simply continuing the work with the app.

By following the steps given here anyone can proceed with the app. Apart from that, there are multiple unique features available in the PLAYit Apk.

playit apk download


Q: Is that free to use?

A: Yes, that can be used for free.

Q: Are there any ads contained in here?

A: Yes, there are ads contained here. If you don’t want to enjoy the app, then you are able to shift the paid version.

The facts in here signified the uses of the PLAYit apk. That is advantageous. Therefore start the working with the app today onwards