mpv-android Apk 2021-03-10-Release Download | Latest Version (24.3MB)

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MPV-Android is a pleasing media player (APK) that comprises all the features a powerful media player should have. This is very simple when performing its actions.

There are tons of multi-media players we can download on our Androids. VLC, KMP, MX, XPlayer, Kodi are some of them. Today, I will focus on another wonderful multi-media player you can use on your Androids through this post. That is the player MPV-Android Apk. This is also a fantastic media player popular throughout the world as one of the powerful media players. The app MPV-Android Apk can be recognized as a fork player for both MPlayer and mplayer2. Choose this nice tool to watch your videos and to listen to your music.

mpv android


How to Download MPV-Android Apk on your Android?

mpv-android Apk 2021-03-10-Release Download (24.3MB)

Downloading the player is also a very simple process. Just like other Android apps, you can download mpv-Android Apk also from any app store. But it is better if you can download the app using the  Download Link Above. It is a reliable and legal link just like from Google Play Store.

  1. Go to the mpv-android Apk Download Link Above and get the Apk file.
  2. Then select the APK File.
  3. Next tap on the mpv-android APK File to open and Click Install.
  4. The app will automatically install on Android.
  5. Open it and use it freely.

About MPV-Android Apk

The player mpv-Android Apk is completely free. It is an Open-source media playing app with the capability of playing anything you want. that means the player supports many media formats. It is also equipped with a powerful media player providing you a nice screening time.

Take this handy mpv-android Apk media player with you anywhere you go and watch your loved videos at any time you want. Watch your favorite video while traveling or while waiting for your plane at the airport. No need to spend the time with jaded feelings anymore. If you are with mpv-android Apk, then I am certain this will be a great companion for your whenever you want some refreshment for your busy life. Put away all your sorrows and bad moods instantly thanks to this wonderful but simple app.

mpv android apk

Features of MPV-android Apk

  • You can play anything inside your Android device and some media on the outside of the device including video streams and also online radio streams.
  • The ability to decode video on hardware and software surely lets you have a memorable video play via the MPV-android apk.
  • One of the utmost features related to the mpv-android apk is that it is not equipped with a traditional user interface. Instead of a traditional UI, the app is equipped with an on-screen controller. This lets you use the app precisely and also you can carry out any needed tasks directly probably using only one tap.
  • MPV-android apk is completely free to download from any App store including Google Play Store. The player is also a very light weighted one. It consumes only limited resources from its operating device. No faster battery draining or no need for much storage space.
  • The support for various media files is satisfying. This supports dozens of video and audio formats together with several video codecs support. Some of these audio and video formats include MP3, MP4, MKV, AVI, AAC, and far beyond.

More Features

  • High-quality video and audio output. This is the most supreme feature that we all are expecting from the media players. If the player cannot give prime-quality media outputs the users won’t be attracted to the app. But it is guaranteed that the app MPV-Android Apk truly has superior output quality. The player is armed with about 100 different customizable options that tend to provide high media quality. Pixel shaders, frame timing, interpolation, color management tools, upscaling filters are some of the traits you can alter to have prime quality output.
  • The basic playback features of the player let you move forward and backward through your video easily. As well as you can make it to play the next/previous files.
  • The gesture support of the player is also very satisfying. You can control the volume, brightness, and many other features using amazing gesture supports.
  • The MPV-android Apk player also supports many subtitle formats too. This plays subtitles of the respective video automatically if you have. But this doesn’t allow direct downloading of subtitles through the player like most of the other players do.

How to download mpv-Android on your PC?

This is somewhat a lengthy process that above if you do not have Nox Player with you. Nox Player is an Android emulator that aids in running android apps in Windows. If you do not own Nox Player then follow the below procedure.

  1. Visit the official website of the Nox Player
  2. Then click on the “Download Nox Player on PC” button
  3. Download the Nox Player and Install it.
  4. Next, launch it on PC
  5. Open Google Play Store on the home screen of Nox Player
  6. Search mpv-Android on the search bar
  7. Select the version and download it on the PC

How to use the mpv-Android Apk player?

Using MPV-Android Apk is very easy. Just double-tap on the needed file. Then it will be played. If there is a subtitle file the app automatically opens it.

If not, you can open the player and drag and drop your media files including subtitle files. The mpv-android apk is very minimalist. Only the essential components are there on the player interface. You can play/pause, play previous/next, mute audio and add subtitle files.

It remembers the position where we stopped last and when you open it again you have to resume from to the stopped point.

Is it safer and legal to use?

Yes. Sure, the mpv-android doesn’t include any viruses or malware. So, it is safer to use on all your Androids and on your PC too. If you are going to download the app from a trusted app store, there is no doubt about its legality. And make sure to play only the risk-free free files via the player.


Is mpv-android Apk free?

Absolutely yes. The player mpv-Android Apk is free to own. You can download it from any app store completely freely.

Can I download subtitles directly through the player?

mpv-android Apk player doesn’t allow you to download the subtitle files directly through the player. You have to download the needed subtitle files separately.

Can I stream video URLs directly?

Yes. You can. This lets you to stream other websites including YouTube using the video URL of the needed video. But you have to use the command-line version of the mpv-android player to do so.


mpv-Android Apk is an open-source free multi-media player for your Android. The video and the audio output quality are incredible here. Moreover, the app supports many media formats. You can watch anything you need using this nice player.