PLAYit APK Free Download | Latest Version (426.7MB)

PLAYit APK can be well described as all in one. Because actually, it is all in one. Both the media and the video player included in the same app. If there is no this kind of app you have to search for other multiple player applications. But your work is easier now. Two are the same in the same app. You can simply get it and enjoy it. This is an advantageous media and video player that we can use to have a fantastic experience. Because the modes of entertainment extend up to multiple areas. Mainly that will play the local and international videos of any quality. The app can play videos in any quality that you desired. 

There are more ways to watch videos by the PLAYit apk. Shortly you are able to download any video item that you deserved. Apart from that, save the videos on Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, or Instagram right away. Then anytime and anywhere you could watch the videos that you had saved previously. Even in the availability of the poor networks, the app can play video easily without interrupting the experience. This is a better video player in HD quality for the new year and consists of multiple stunning features.


PLAYit APK Download And Install For Android

PLAYit Download [426.7MB]

App NamePLAYit
Latest Versionv2.7.22.17
Android VersionAndroid 4.2+
  1. Use the above download button to get the Playit apk file
  2. Then allow the unknown sources option on your Android device to install the appunknown sources
  3. After that find the downloaded apk file and open it.playit download
  4. Complete the installation by following the instructions on the screen.playit for android
  5. Finally, after the installation go to the app drawer and find the app.

By following the given steps simply any android device user can install the PLAYit apk and work with that app well. By working with the application you deserve multiple features in there. The app offers the users, the videos are in multiple formats including the 4K,1080p, FLV, MKV, M4V, TS, and 3GP videos.

How To Download PLAYit For PC

  1. Download the PLAYit apk windows version to the pc.
  2. Then the PLAYit.exe would be available in the download manager file. Open it by double-clicking on it. 
  3. Sometimes as the next a warning can be seen. If it is there click for more info. 
  4. The warning may be due to the inability of recognising the app. But you can install it without any obstacle. Then click the Run anyway button on the next alert 
  5. Then there will be more alerts pop up. Keep your process going by allowing the necessary conditions. 
  6. When you have seen the setup, click on the next 
  7. In the next step, the components have to be chosen. Right after that click on the next again. 
  8. In this step, the user has to select the place of the installation, after that click on the install. 
  9. You have to wait a few seconds for the whole process. 
  10. Now the process has finished. You only have to play the music videos that you need. 
  11. Start the running of the PLAYit and enjoy it with your favorite.

To download the PLAYit on PC in another way, you need to use an Android emulator similar to PixelLab on PC.

 If you have an android device or else pc, just you can simply follow the procedure here. Right after downloading it, you can work with it joyfully. Apart from the described features in here, then any reader has to be aware of specific features of the PLAYit apk. 

What is a Playit apk?

The PLAYit apk is for the auto-identification of the files which are located in the SD card of the device or else in the device. Just after the detection of the files in your device, the files sorting is easy, then if you want to share them. Just need one click for the convert of the videos into audio. That is so simple in the procedure. For any reader, the powerful nature of the application might be well depicted. By downloading the official android app of the PLAYit any user can experience an interesting experience.

playit apk

Now your favorite app is not only available for the android app but now that has extended up to the pc. Therefore you can simply use the app in any mode. The stated facts well described the PLAYit that you have heard previously. Today any reader can be informed in depth by here. The latest version of the PLAYit Apk is the That is only an 18.46 MB app.

This wonderful app is from the Yuvadvance Internet PVT LTD. The PLAYit Apk has accumulated a wide community. Because until now the community has reached up to 5 million users worldwide. Mainly there are some ads available here. No third party advertisement. And it is evenly in the categorization as an app that is more suitable for the 3+ year olds. Anyone will satisfy with the given facts in here, then anyone can just download the app and work with that. If you really download that follow the guide given in below.

Features of the PLAYit apk

  • Playit Apk Supported for all formats

The PLAYit is a video player that supports multiple formats including the 4K, 1080p, FLV, MKV, M4V, and MPG. For the mp3 and mp4 files the PLAYit is the perfect one. 

  • Auto-detection of the managing local files

This is the special ability in the PLAYit apk. It will quickly detect all contents included in your android device or in the SD card. The video format that you have downloaded is not affected by the experience of the PLAYit apk. That will play your desired item in high definition. 

  • Quickly searching, downloading, and viewing

You can download Any video by a quick download process. Also, PLAYit allows a private browsing option. Search any video by using the tab in the above. Then after clicking on the download button. Right after downloading the video or the image would be automatically saved to your device. And even if you want to share your video with your story or the status simply. 

  • Multitasking

The PLAYit is a Multitasking app. Therefore it can work with the background or else on a floating window too. Therefore you can simply shift to another work by your device while Playit works in the background. Or else the users of the PLAYit Apk are able to chat with their friends while listening to their favorite audio. 

  • Best converter

This is one of the best converters for your device and for the users. Simply with only one tap, you are able to convert the whole video into audio. Therefore enjoy your work well with the best Playit. 

  • Availability of the subtitle function

Certainly, the users of the PLAYit are watching films. Even if they wouldn’t watch the local films only. Therefore while watching the films from the different countries certainly you need a translator. Here the online subtitle function is for only that porpoise. By using such a feature the users can get English, Tamil, or Hindi translations by only here this Playit apk. 

  • Smart gesture options

Here all gestures are very easy for all users of the PLAYit apk. Because smart persons will use this smart Playit application. These easy and smart gestures allowed everyone to change the easy playback speed, volume, and brightness. Including them, users can obtain multiple features. 

  • Advanced kernel SW decoder

The software Acceleration is easily applicable for the multiple formats anyone could have known. The playback would show any different qualities just after the changing of the decoding mode. Especially can raise smooth nature and quality. 

  • Video player

This is the main function of the PLAYit apk. After browsing all of the local and other all files the playing of the videos can be started. Use all the applicable features to get a wonderful outcome. Then use all the gestures to enhance your experience. Use a background player or else the floating window to feel free at your work. 

  • Video downloader

For the video player, there have to be videos by downloading them. The users are able to save videos from Facebook, WhatsApp, or TikTok. If there are no such things then simply browse for your favorite. Enter the website relevant to the video and simply tap on the download to start the video download process. 

  • Music player

Apart from the best video player, the PLAYit is a better music player. Just the same as the videos, the users can quickly detect what you want and are able to locate which are the things you like. With this feature, you are always free to enjoy music. And apart from that the converting of the mp4 onto mp3 is allowed. The playing item would be automatically paused when you have unplugged the headset. 

  • Not only limited to the android device

Here we have discussed the capability of the PLAYit on the android devices. But on laptops and PCs even you are able to do it very freely. If you want to install it on a pc follow the steps that have been presented in the above. By following them you can just install the Play It.

Apart from that, the existing features included in here are more other new features introduced under the latest version of the PLAYit apk.

  • Simply cast any video on TV. The users are allowed to cast online videos or any other local video in the procedure. 
  • The volume booster function is a newly added function for the PLAYit apk. By that, the volume could be increased up to 200%.
  • Online subtitles are always available. You only just need to use a searching function to get your required language.
  • Improved the existed bugs in the app
  • The performance has increased

Pros and cons of the PLAYit apk

  Actually, the number of advantages is higher than the disadvantages of the PLAYit apk. So then the following are the advantages of this app. 


  • Availability of the higher resolutions is a better advantage. Any user can do better with the 4K resolution. 
  • While installing it to the pc no need for an extra emulator. Directly you could get it from the website as in the .exe format and get it on right away. 
  • Could get experienced with the app by doing any other extraordinary work. 
  • No more obstacles always Playit Apk allows you to get it’s all purposes. 


  • Including some more advertisements 
  • For experience without advertisement, the users have to pay for the app.

How to Use Playit apk?

The users have an idea about the working procedure of the PLAYit apk just after going through the given above facts. Right after downloading it, you can work with it without any obstacle. At&t first the PLAYit will locate all the existing files in your device. So then at any time that you want you can open the audio or video files and enjoy them. If you want further more items for enjoyment then search for what you want and then add it to the collection. That is the easiest procedure of working with an app like the PLAYit.

Safety and Legality

The users should be aware of the fact essentially. Because only the safest apps are always installed on your devices. Therefore prior to the installation, safety is the fact that has to be assured. But don’t worry regarding the safety of the PLAYit Apk. Because this is a more and more secure app. Therefore get the app without any mess. Legality is another fact that has to be considered. Because the app is illegal there might be a wide problem. However don’t worry about the Legality, the PLAYit is totally legal. 

FAQs about PLAYit APK

Q: What other players for audio and video won’t allow playing videos and sharing? 

A: There are unique technologies that could be seen in the audios and videos here. Therefore such items can be played only by an app like Playit. That means the unique technologies are only capable of with the usage of the Playit apk. That is the reason for playing only some certain videos on limited apps. 

Q: From which country does that Playit have offered? 

A: The application was offered by India. 

Q: How can I play the videos by using Playit? 

A: Initially anyone has to install the application. The usage procedure has been listed in the stated Paragraph. If that is not working well, the user could be capable of utilizing an android emulator. By installing the app with an emulator the user could continue his work. 

 I assume that all facts stated here have been read by each and every reader who has referred to this. Therefore you have awareness about the required facts. In a conclusion, there are more benefits that can be obtained by using this type of multi-purpose app. Then start the work with the PLAYit Apk just now. You will feel the differences.