Web Video Cast Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

Web Video Cast is an app (Apk) that allows you to watch any kind of TV video. Also, it allows you to watch and refer to your favorite websites. So in such a case, you can watch many kinds of movies and TV shows. Plus live streaming shows, sports, news, IPTV, etc. however while using the app, the users are able to engage with what they want easily and quickly. Also, the app is letting you cast any local video that is stored on your phone. For this app, both audio and video as well as photos are supported.

There are subtitles options available for you. By the web page itself, the app can detect the subtitles. Also apart from that, the user would be able to use their own created subtitles. Also, the user is free to search integrated results from opensubtitles.org. As stated in the given above description many uses are provided by the app. after awarding many more facts you can freely start the usage of the app.

web video cast apk

Web Video Cast Apk Download for Android

Web Video Cast Apk Download

Google Play Download

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If you are interested in the usage of Web video cast apk along with your device. This is the chance for it.  You would be able to download the app successfully by following the below steps accurately. Also, make sure not to allow downloads and installs from unknown sources.

  • Simply click on the download icon given in below.
  • Then the download process will take a few minutes to complete.
  • Then install the app.
  • Launch it.
  • Start working with the Web video cast apk.

What is Web Video Cast Apk?

The main purpose of the app is to allow you to connect your phone and Tv. Here the users can connect the phone and the Display of the TV. After connecting both of them you can view the display of your phone via the TV. That can be done without any hassle. Let’s see how it is working with your devices. Here this web video cast Apk is taking the URLs of videos from the web page. Then it is delivered to the streaming device. You could use this web video cast Apk with devices such as Chromecast and DLNA.  So after casting it is started to play directly from the source.

web video cast

More About The App

Unlike the other cast apps, this one is working with a variety of operating systems and varieties of devices. The web video cast apk is specialized in the detection of videos. But sometimes the other web browsers are incapable of this function. Also, this is streaming the content that the other applications are incapable of playing. There are some more server requirements and restrictions imposed by those apps. So the web video cast Apk is not consistent with those restrictions and requirements anymore. Therefore this app can be seen with Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, etc. most people are recognizing that this app is an essential as well as universal video streaming app that anyone should have to work with.


  • Streaming and casting app
  • Available for multiple devices including Chromecast, Roku, DLNA receivers, amazon fire tv, and Fire TV sticks
  • Availability of movies and TV shows
  • The MP4 videos can be played through the app
  • Live news and sports items
  • Audio files included with music
  • The streaming device you have with the capability of decoding the video that you are playing.
  • The web video casting is not performing any kind of audio or video decoding or transcoding

The above features can be experienced with the free version. Also with the premium version you are able to experience more features. If you want to enjoy the premium features you have to pay for them.

  • No any advertisements
  • Bookmarks
  • Home page settings
  • Video history
  • Queue
  • Shortcut for home screen
  • Suggesting the most visited sites

Web Video Cast Download For iOS

If you are using an iOs device, don’t worry this is available for you as well.  In order to discover more features on it, get the app into your device quickly. You could get the app by clicking on the given download link. Please follow the same guides as given above. Then start to work Web video cast freely.

Web Video Cast Download for PC

Now the  Web video cast apk is available for PCs also. That means it is supported for the device that is running Windows OS. You could get it into your pc via an android emulator. Let’s see how to get the app accurately.

  • First, download an android emulator for your PC. Bluestacks and MeMu play some of the most recommended android emulators.
  • After downloading the emulator, install it onto your device.
  • Then launch the google play store by using the android emulator.
  • Search for the name  “Web video cast apk” on its search bar.
  • You will receive the results within a few seconds.
  • Then download the latest version of the app.
  • Install the app.
  • Start working with it.

How To Use Web Video Cast Apk?

  • It has a simple usage procedure. Also, there is no kind of complex procedures included with the app. so follow the steps given below to start and continue with the streaming.
  • In order to find the video browse the web or local file explorer. Then the user is capable of exploring the photo, video, or audio that they want to cast through the app.
  • If the video is included on the web page then start playing the video inside the web page itself. If it is a photo then long press on the photo that you want to cast with the app.
  • Then connect with the streaming device to cast the video, picture, or music.

Safety And Legality

Commonly, most users are searching for legal issues and safety issues even before they download an app. So if you are a person who is considering the safety and the legality of Web video cast apk, this is for you.  There are no kind of safety and legal issues recorded yet. The Web video cast apk is 100% safe for the users as well as their devices. There is no harm in downloading the app onto your device. Also, there is no kind of inappropriate content included. There are no restrictions on the app. Therefore you could use the app freely


Q: How does the web video cast Apk work?

A: It is getting the video URL that contains inside the web page. Then the URL would be sent to the streaming device. Then after the video will be played directly from the content provider. Actually, this saves your device battery too. And the app will detect the subtitles included on the web page.

Q: Can we use the web video cast apk without wifi?

A: Actually yes. Sometimes you might not have an active internet connection. In such cases, the users can still stream to your Chromecast. There is one feature called the guest mode available in the app. so you can connect the screen of the TV and your mobile device with the help of connecting code.

Final Words

So according to the stated facts above, the web video cast Apk is a kind of casting app that contains a lot of features. Actually, if you have the same need to use this kind of app. Here is your chance to do so. Start the usage of it and continue your tasks with the app.