VLC For Android Apk 3.3.4 Free Download | Latest Version (29.8MB)

VLC for Android is an apk that brings high-quality video playing to your Android device. One of the brilliant media players to have on your Androids. Resembles the original VLC player 100%. Offers you hours of entertainment with high-quality audio and video playing. Now start to enjoy this nice media player on your Android too. Take VLC For Android video player with you anywhere you go and use it at any time you want freely.

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How to Download the VLC for Android?

VLC For Android Apk 3.3.4 Download

APK NameVLC For Android
Latest Versionv3.3.4
Android VersionAndroid 4.2+
  1. Downloading VLC Apk is a super easy process. Just follow the normal apps downloading and installing procedure.
  2. Use the VLC For Android Apk Download link above or follow the other steps below
  3. First, you have to visit your favorite app store. This may include Google Play Store, AC market, etc.
  4. Then search the app by typing ‘VLC For Android’ in the search bar.
  5. Next, select the latest version of the app and tap the download button. The device will automatically download the player on your Android.
  6. At last, install VLC For Android app on your Android and complete the procedure.
  7. Open the downloaded app and begin to enjoy it with all its cool features.

About VLC for Android

We can identify VLC for Android as one of the best open-source media playing platforms that we can have for our Androids. VLC. This is quite popular throughout the world as one of the best media players. The VLC for Android brings this wonderful player for your Android too as a port of VLC player.

Now it is time to replace your media player with VLC For Android if you want to enjoy your videos, music, and so on in a very advanced manner. This mighty app lets you enjoy any format of video and audio. And of course, the app is free to download from any App Store you like.

On the other hand, this also can recognize as a multimedia player which is allowing to play media files in device storage, network protocols, discs, etc. Delightfully reproduce all your media files thanks to this app.

More than 100 million downloads of the app worldwide verify how useful it is. And most of them find this app as a reliable, fast, and user-friendly app. So, worthy to try on your Android too.

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Features of VLC for Android

  • Just like the classic VLC, the VLC for Android also supports all most all the video or audio formats. Some of these formats include MKV, AVI, MOV, MP4, AAC, and so forth.
  • In addition to local media files, this also can plays files from network shares, network streams, DVD IOSs, disk shares, and so on.
  • This also can be used as an audio player when in need. For better performance, the audio player of this application possesses all the features needed by a superb and powerful audio player. Some of these outstanding features include filters and equalizers together with a complete database.
  • Because of this, VLC For Android app can play any kind of audio file in superb quality. sometimes more than the expected quality as well.
  • The customizability of the app is incredible. You can customize anything you need including settings, playback, and order. So, the app is very easy to use and 100% user-friendly.
  • If you are going to use this app on your Androids, exploring media files will certainly become a very relaxed experience. This brings all the media files into one place and makes it very comfortable in handling the needed files. As soon as you open the app you can see all your media files in different folders. Select the file you want. Just tap. Video will play. One or two taps are needed to play your preferred video or the audio. Very easy and a quick procedure.
  • Some of the other bold attributes here include audio-headset support, audio widget control, cover art, auto-rotation, subtitles addition, and beyond. VLC For Android app also lets gesture controls in changing the brightness, volume, and seeking too. Hardware decoding and multicore functionality are also some wonderful features related to the app.
  • Another pleasing feature of the app is its ads-free nature. Though it is a free app no ads are running. This is a deviation from most of the other free apps indeed.

How to download VLC for Android on PC?

If you want to have VLC for Android on your PC then you can do so via an Android Emulator.

Download an Android Emulator like Nox Player. Then search the VLC Apk in the App store. Click the download button. Then automatically the app will be downloaded and then complete the installation procedure.

The only thing to do is to use the app. Enjoy hours of watching videos using VLC for Android.

How to Use VLC for Android?

Using VLC For Android is a very convenient process. As soon as you open the app you can see different folders of media files. The app acts as a file manager and brings all your media files in one place under different folders. You can see different folders like storage, local networks, and favorites. Select the needed folder and open it. Then you can see the subfolders inside. Just tap on the required files and it will be played.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see four options like audio, video, browse, playlists, and more. Choose the option you like. On the right-hand upper corner, the three dots lead you to app settings. Open the settings and customize it in the way you want.

Once you get your hand on VLC For Android app you will find that it is very comfortable and reliable to use the app as your default media player on Android.

Safety and Legality of the App

VLC For Android app is tested virus-free. So, it is very safe to use on all your Android devices without any risk. Worldwide millions of downloads prove that the app is legal. You will not be going to face any legal issues related to the app.


Is VLC For Android player subtitle supported?

Yes, indeed. The app supports any format of subtitles including DVD and ASS subtitles. This lets you select the correct subtitle files and if you want you can directly download subtitles files. There are some other options like delay subtitles, etc.

How to fix the subtitles sync issue?

Very simple. You can fix the issue. Because there is in-built subtitles delay option. You can use the plus and minus icons to make your subtitles match the video.

Can I have only a selected folder view?

Yes. You can. Simply change the preferences of folders in the setting menu.

Can I change the hardware acceleration option?

Indeed. VLC For Android app allows you to change your acceleration option. But this can only be done for some video formats. You can find the option related to this hardware acceleration on the preference menu. Select the best hardware acceleration option from many like automatic, disabled, decoding acceleration, and full acceleration.