Vivavideo Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Update)

Vivavideo is an app (Apk) for Video making and editing without an effort. Mainly the Vivavideo app can be identified in 2 ways. One way is it is a kind of easy-to-use video editor. The other way is it is a pro video maker. However, in both ways, the vivavideo Apk is helping you to record and show your life to others. Users can cut and join simple and attractive intuitib=ve video clips anytime anywhere. Also if you are a professional in this subject have an unlimited editing experience with it. The vivavideo app will let you have fun along with powerful high editing functions.

 The vivavideo Apk is combined with many powerful editing tools such as cutting, merging, editing videos with music, editing videos with some transition effects and adding stickers to texts and videos. Rather than calling this the vivavideo Apk, we can call this an all-in-one video editing app. The all-in-one video editing app is always helping you to create incredible video items. There is a wide range of templates available in the vivavideo apk.

vivavideo apk

Vivavideo Apk Download for Android

Vivavideo Apk Download

Google Play Download

The vivavideo apk is now available for your android devices. By using this article you would be able to get the vivavideo Apk into your device. Follow the below steps to get the android apk without any disturbance.

  • Click on the download link below to get the apk.
  • The download process will start shortly.
  • Wait till the end of the downloading process
  • Then allow for the installations from unknown sources
  • Then install the Vivavideo Apk.
  • Open the app and start the working with the app
  • That’s how you can download the app into the device successfully. Enjoy the app.

What is Vivavideo APK?

As given in the above description there are many templates available in the app. Those templates are along with many more magic effects and some transitions. Those templates will deliver a high-quality end product for you. Vivavideo Apk video editor app is with some more stylish themes to create amusing videos. Here the users can make 10 seconds of cool and short music videos. You can add photos to make the 10 seconds videos within a short period of time.

Apart from that sometimes we can call Vivavideo Apk a pro video editing app due to some features such as the availability of tools. Cutting, merging, copying, pasting, dragging, deleting, and splitting are some of such amazing tools present in the Vivavideo Apk to provide the best creation. Add transitions and edit the video with music. In order to make the video longer and longer, you could add multiple videos together. The app is supporting the speed changer from 0.1 – to 10x speed. Rotate and crop the video area. There is a wide and huge selection of stickers and music.


More About The App

Vivavideo Apk is a mobile editing app. That is allowing users to personalize, edit or publish the videos right away. Just those steps are possible to do with your fingertips. Here there are some pro editing tools available such as frame precision, mixing the backgrounds in multiple ratios, and applying the background effects such as blurring and gradient. Other than that there are some features included in Vivavideo Apk such as speed adjusting, color adjusting, cinematic transitions, and custom watermarking. Other than that there are some functions like the addition of music, sound effects as well as voiceovers for video clips.


  • More powerful video maker along with more photos and the most up-to-date music
  • Vivavideo Apk can be used as a free TikTok maker. It is composed of songs and lyrics. However, the app is supporting to create make trendy short videos
  • It is a professional video maker with many more effects are transitions
  • Add sound effects and free featured music to the video
  • Add some voice-over to the video by recording your voice to it. Create customized videos.
  • Create blur backgrounds for the photos and videos. This is a pro video editor for TikTok.
  • The blur backgrounds can be applied to the Instagram and youtube videos. Vivavideo Apk is a free video app for using the blur editor.
  • Insert texts in different styles and font effects
  • Addition of subtitles to the videos
  • Addition of the texts to photos and videos for the mass editing effects.

Vivavideo Download For iOS

In order to use the vivavideo effectively, you should have the iOS version 13.0 or upwards. Currently, the vivavideo is available for the ios devices as well. Therefore you could use the vivavideo Apk on your iPhones as well as iPads. We have provided the download link for downloading the app here. Let’s see how we can download the app. Simply click on the below download icon. then follow the given above procedure for further assistance while downloading the app. Finally, you will get the vivavideo app downloaded successfully.

Vivavideo Download for PC

The vivavideo apk is also available for your PCs. The following points will say how to get the app into your device successfully.

  • You need an android emulator to get the app. Bluestacks is the most recommended android emulator for getting the app.
  • Download the android emulator, if you didn’t download such one previously.
  • Launch the google play store from the installed android emulator.
  • Search for the name “Vivavideo app”, on the search bar.
  • Click on the download tab and wait until the downloading process gets finished.
  • Then launch the app and proceed with your task.

How To Use Vivavideo Apk?

The main task of the Vivavideo Apk is to create any kind of video through the app. You can create videos by inserting your photos. Apart from that, you can insert your favorite music into the app. If you want to add your voice to it, that is also possible with the app. Likewise, there are many more functions embedded in it. The app style is simple and intuitive. That’s why users can use it without any disturbance.

Safety And Legality

The vivavideo apk doesn’t have any restrictions for usage. Actually, as the users of it, you don’t want to face such difficulties. In any region, you would be able to use this app without any kind of restriction. When it is considered the safety of the app you need not worry about that. That is because the Vivavideo Apk has been scanned to explore if there are any kinds of harmful malware included in the app. Therefore don’t worry about that. Use it freely.


Q: What are the powerful features included in the app?

A: The vivavideo Apk is consistent with powerful functions such as cut, merge, and edit not a simple edit but also editing with music, editing with cool transition effects and the addition of stickers and texts to the videos.

Q: How can I pay for the app?

A: The vivavideo Apk is free of any cost. That simply means it is free to use. But the app is coming along with the watermark and SD quality. It is turning out to be SD quality while exporting in the free version. So if you feel comfortable with the SD quality and watermark you can use the vivavideo app for a long time period.

Final Words

Here the description is regarding the Vivavideo apk. It is composed of many more features associated with the app. Here there are simple video options such as crop, cut etc. Other than that there are some advanced features such as adding music into the video and adding some voice notes etc. So if you are a TikTok maker even you could obtain high functions from the Vivavideo Apk. So this is your chance to experience the app’s functions. Let’s try it out and discover some more functions associated with the app.