AZ Screen Recorder Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

AZ screen recorder is an app (Apk) that provides its tasks as a screen recorder. It has more functions than any other normal screen recorder. It is kind of a stable as well as a high-quality screen recorder for you. The app lets you record anything with your android devices. also, the service of the AZ screen recorder Apk is not limited only to android devices. but also users are allowed to use the app on other operating systems such as iOS, Mac or windows. Here this app is helping to record clear and smooth videos. However, the app is combined with some amazing features such as screen capture, a video editor, live stream screen. The Az screen recorder apk is providing an easy method to record screen videos with content such as video tutorials, gaming videos, live shows, and video calls.

az screen recorder apk

AZ Screen Recorder Apk Download for Android

AZ Screen Recorder Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version of the app is 5.9.2 And the device should have to be with android version 5.0 and upwards. Currently, there are over 50,000,000+  individuals who have joined the app. Let us see how we can get the app into the device. Just follow the below steps to download the apk correctly.

  • First, allow downloads from unknown sources from the device settings.
  • Then tap on the download icon given below.
  • Just after some time, the download process will finish.
  • Then install the apk after downloading.
  • Launch the app and start working with it.

What is the AZ Screen Recorder Apk?

As you know this AZ screen recorder Apk is a kind of screen recorder app. It is offering you advantages such as high-quality videos in 1080p, 60FPS and 12 Mbps. There is no kind of recording time limit while using the app. Also to use this AZ screen recorder Apk you don’t require to make your device rooted.

Here the app is consistent with a facecam option. The facecam option is letting you record your face while recording the screen. Especially when you are streaming live gameplay this feature is much beneficial.  Because actually, it is better to record your facial expressions while game playing. Then only the viewers get attracted to your streaming. So the AZ screen recorder Apk is such kind of a valuable app.

az screen recorder

More About The App

As you are already aware the AZ screen recorder Apk is a screencasting tool that has been specially designed to use on any device. One of the best things regarding the app is, that the AZ screen recorder Apk can be used without rooting.  Also, there is no any kind of limitations with the app. The screen recorder is totally free without a watermark. After the recording, you are able to turn it out to be a gif. Also, trim the video, merge the video, crop, rotate or compress. Do any kind of editing along with this app.

So the given above are regarding the amazing functions of the AZ screen recording app. In order to be aware of more facts, just join the app community.


  • The app is offering you a stable and fluid screen recording.
  • The app lets you record popular mobile game videos
  • Record video calls with family and friends
  • The app supports recording the screen with internal audio. When the user is required to record the video calls or else gameplay with the internal sounds
  • The app supports screen recording with 1080p, 60FPS, and 12Mbps. There are many time frames, various resolutions and bitrates available for you.
  • Here the facecam option is available in the app. So then while gameplay you are available to record your facial expressions and emotions of yours as well. Here users are free to adjust the facecam size. And then drag that into any position on the screen.
  • Record internal sounds as well as external sounds
  • Pause or resume the screen recording
  • Here there is a gif maker in the app. So the gif maker lets you record your screen and make a gif
  • The screen recording controls can be done with the notification bar or with the floating window
  • In order to stop the screen recording shake the device
  • Users can draw on the screen while recording the screen
  • Transfer the recorded videos and screenshots to your PC.but you are required to have a WiFi connection to do this.

AZ Screen Recorder Download For iOS

The AZ Screen Recorder is supported for iOS devices as well. You could simply download the app by just clicking on the download icon given below and proceed with the above steps. You could successfully download the app and be able to work with it.

AZ Screen Recorder Download for PC

This is not only a kind of app suitable for mobile devices. But it can be easily used with PCs also. You could download the app by using an android emulator. The following are the accurate steps for the downloading process.

  • First, you need to get an android emulator. An android emulator is an essential requirement in order to download the app. Bluestacks is one such best emulator.
  • Then launch the android emulator.
  • Launch the Google Play store through the android emulator.
  • Then after that search for the name AZ Screen Recorder on the search bar of the google play store.
  • You will receive the results of the search. From there select the appropriate app you are going to install.
  • Then click on the download option, and wait until the process gets finished.
  • Launch the app by allowing necessary permissions for it.
  • Work with the app freely. 

How To Use AZ Screen Recorder Apk?

The AZ screen recorder Apk is having simple behaviours. Just you can make it start recording. Also while recording the pausing and resuming options are available. After that, the screen record would be saved to the device. No quality losses while recording. Just you are able to obtain the screen recording at the maximum quality. While recording you are able to record your face and  facial expressions through the facecam feature.

Safety And Legality

The AZ Screen Recorder Apk is consistent with many native features of them. Actually, the apk will reduce the risks that you are going to face. Assume that if your child is using the apk. So this app will avoid and reduce the risks associated with your child being exposed to unsuitable content. As well as that there is no harm in downloading this app for your device. Even there are no barriers or restrictions imposed on the usage of the app. You could freely use this app.


Q: Does this AZ screen recorder Apk have a time limit?

A: Actually this app is a good tool for recording videos with your Android device. The quality of the final output is the best. No watermark is included. No time limit and no frame loss.

Q: Can this app consist of audio?

A: Yes, the AZ screen recorder apk can be used to record both the internal and external sounds of the screen. No sound losses. You can use this app without worries.

Q: How can I hide the AZ screen recorder Apk?

A: On the main page of the app, first choose the “Status Bar” option. Then choose the “Auto detect”. After a few seconds, the app will display a new page with every status bar icon on the Android 11 device. The status bar icons are included with the hidden screen recording. Then disable the toggle next to the “screen_record” option. Now you can start the recording with the hidden AZ screen recorder Apk.

Final Words

The given above description is regarding the screen recording app called AZ screen recorder Apk. Apart from a normal screen recorder, this one is offering you a lot of features.  I am sure that while engaging with the app, you are able to make screen recording amusing. Therefore take your chance and enjoy the app.