Pyone Play Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

Pyone play is an online TV video platform (Apk) that is a Myanmmaer’s creation. The Pyone play app is giving the users total free access to all contents of the MRTV – 4 and channel 7 anywhere at any time. Also, you are free with watching the live TV streamings of the TV channels. You could easily get this valuable app for your mobile as well as for other devices such as PCs. This app is developed by the forever group. It is the largest media group in Myanmar. Pyone Play Apk is available for Android devices, iOS devices and also for Pcs. You could download them easily. The downloading procedure is given below. You could do it according to the steps given below.

pyone play apk

Pyone Play APK Download for Android

Pyone Play Apk Download Latest Version

Google Play Download

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The latest version of the app is 2.1.3. the app required the android version 5.0 or upwards in order to work with the app successfully. Currently, there are over 1,000,000+ downloads completed.

  • After reading the above facts regarding the Pyone Play apk if you want to get this app into your device please follow the below guidelines. Then you would be able to download the app without any interruptions.
  • First, allow downloads and installs from unknown sources. If you don’t do that, sometimes the download process can be interrupted.
  • Then simply click on the below download tab appearing below.
  • Then wait till the download process ends.
  • After that install the app.
  • Launch the app and start working with it.

This is how you would be able to get the app successfully into your android device. Enjoy the app.

What is Pyone Play APK?

Mainly the Pyone Play Apk is live-streaming on three channels. Those are the MRTV4, MaharBawDi, and the Channel7. In most cases, the streaming service is considered a victim as well as it is becoming a success when the national football team is playing live on the TV. But apart from that, the Pyone play app is offering its users to catch a wide range of the most famous Tv shows in Myanmar. But there is one negative side of this Oyone apk. That is the apk is not allowing the users to download the videos and later watch them.

pyone play

More About The App

Pyone play is an entertainment app that you could use to change your boring lifestyle. As well as when you observe any link of the app, by just clicking on that you would be able to open Pyone Play Apk. It is making sure of your experience. The improvements in user experience can be obtained with the fast forward 10 seconds in the video player. There were some bugs found in the app. Later on, the existing bugs have been created by the app developers.


  • First TV streaming app in Myanmar.
  • Free app.
  • Three TV channels are streaming.
  • Simple design.
  • Comfortable for the usage.
  • Not many controls are found on Pyone Play Apk.
  • What’s new in the Pyone play apk
  • Amazing speed
  • Existing bugs have been fixed.
  • The performance of the app has increased.

Pyone Play Download For iOS

The Pyone play is available for iPhones, iPads and other types of iOS devices. You could simply click on the following download tab to begin the download process. Then follow the given above steps to proceed with the accurate downloading process. Launch Pyone Play Apk and proceed with the tasks.

Pyone Play Download for PC

Currently, this app is available for PCs as well. Simply you could download the Pyone Play apk by using an android emulator for your PC. Follow the steps below for a successful installation.

  • First, if you don’t have an android emulator that is previously installed on your device initially get it.
  • Then launch the google play store by the android emulator.
  • Search for the Pyone play apk on the search bar of the google play store.
  • You will find the app within a few seconds.
  • Install the app and launch it.
  • Start working with the Pyone play apk.

That is how users could download the app for their PCs. The app is suitable for more windows versions such as Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 9/ Windows 10 or Windows 11. Just get the app and enjoy it comfortably.

How To Use Pyone Play APK

This is a kind of app that is widely used by the Myanmar people. That is because the app is streaming content related to Myanmar. But pyone play apk is in English. That is convenient for any user. If you are from any other country, you can also use this software without any restrictions. However, this is following a very simple outline while in formation. So users can easily detect how it is working. The initiative design lets more and more people engage with this app. So when you have opened the app from your device, how you can work with it is displayed. By that, you would be able to explore how you are going to work with it. Once you have used the app certainly you will realize how worthy it is.

Safety And Legality

The pyone play apk doesn’t have any restrictions for usage. Actually, as the users of it, you don’t want to face such difficulties. In any region, you would be able to use this app without any kind of restriction. When it is considered the safety of the app you need not worry about that. That is because the app has been scanned to explore if there are any kinds of harmful malware included in Pyone Play Apk. Therefore don’t worry about that. Use it freely.


Q: Is the Pyone play apk allowing for downloading the videos?

A: No, that is not allowed by the app. You can watch the live content. You would not be able to download the videos to store them for watching later.

Q: Are there any subscriptions?

A: There are not any subscriptions still. Only internet charges may apply. You can’t use it while you are offline. You need an active internet connection for watching the content.

Q: Is the video quality the same throughout the watching period?

A: It is dependent on the internet connection that you are using. According to the strength of the internet connection, the video quality might be changed.

Q: This is an app live streaming only certain Myanmar content. So are there any restrictions on the usage of people from outside countries?

A: Still there are no such restrictions. If someone wants to use this app, that person could use Pyone Play Apk.

Q: How many TV channels are live-streamed by the Pyone play apk?

A: It is three. But the most popular TV shows are streamed by the app as well.

Final Words

So now we have reached the end of the description regarding the Pyone apk. now you are aware of many more facts. Now you can decide whether you are going to use it or not. If you have an idea to use it, you could easily get the app by following the stated procedure given in above. Actually, if you are a Myanmar person it is worth it. Despite that, if you are a person who is interested in the Myanmar content you also can have a try on app usage. Now, this is your turn. Try it out yourself.