Pluto TV Apk 5.35.0 Free Download | Latest Version (20.7MB)

Pluto TV is an app (APK) that has the ability to create personal TV with favorite Live TV and Movies. With the world racing so fast towards the future, we cannot really afford to fall behind. So we all join the race and sometimes it is exhausting. After a busy day at work some days, we just want to sit down. Enjoy a glass of wine. Then put on our favorite show, and relax. That is the definition of a perfect evening. Entertainment is quite essential for a human society to function properly. It is proved by the millions of books, plays, songs, poems, and movies that have been made throughout human history. But nowadays Entertainment is quite expensive. Cinema costs so much and we don’t really have time to go to the cinema anyways and there are hundreds of streaming services that cost half of our monthly paycheck.

Pluto TV Apk, will be the solution you are searching for, for all these problems. So what is this app? Let me give you an introduction.

Pluto TV Apk Download and Install  For Android

pluto tv apk

Pluto TV Apk 5.35.0 Download [20.7MB]

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APK NamePluto TV
Latest Versionv5.31.1
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

Downloading and installing the Pluto TV apk is super easy and simple. There is no sign-up process too, so you can start enjoying any program as soon as you install the app on your phone. 

It is pretty easy to have the Apk on your Android handset. 

  1. Use the download link for Pluto TV APK here.
  2. After downloading the app from this website, go to your downloads and click on the Apk to install it.
  3. You can also try Google Play Store to download the app to your phone. Open the Playstore app and type in Pluto TV Apk and click on the Install button to install the app on your phone. 

Download and Install Pluto TV Apk for iOS?

You can download this for your iPad or iPhone in any regular way you download apps. Use the App Store to search the name Pluto and then click on install to download and install the application to your phone. You will have to give the credentials of your Apple account when the installation process starts. 

Use this link to download Pluto Apk for your iOS device from the website You will have to go to downloads and install the Apk and then by giving the permissions from your Apple account by confirming the credentials you can open the Pluto TV app to start watching the programs. There is no sign-in process for the Pluto app as we mentioned earlier too. It is just enjoying from the minute you install the app. You can also try your other favorite websites to download Pluto Apk.

What is Pluto TV Apk?

If you are tired of paying for streaming services monthly subscriptions, you can stop! Because Pluto TV Apk is completely free. This is an internet television service. It is a service offered by the Paramount Streaming services which have released hundreds of our favorite movies and other programs. However, originally Pluto TV Apk was not owned by Paramount and it was an independent channel that was co-founded by Thomas V. Ryan, Ilya Pozin, and Nick Grouf.

Now Pluto TV Apk offers a number of categories of programs to its users without costing any money. Some of these categories are Featured, Movies, Entertainment, News + Opinion, Reality, Crime, Comedy, Classic TV, Home + DIY, Explore, Sports, Gaming + Anime, Music, En Español, and Kids. There is a smaller number of Local channels in Pluto as well. There are over 200 live channels you can enjoy through Pluto TV Apk. It also has Pop-up channels for binge viewing and on-demand movies and TV shows.

You can enjoy every service of this via Pluto TV Apk. The services can be fully enjoyed within American countries and Europe but Canada has yet to have the full services due to the current state of their broadcasting rights.

This Pluto TV Apk is ad-supported and with the display of in-between commercials, they are able to bring you your favorite content from all over for free. 

Pluto is also supported on many television platforms like Android TV, Apple TV, Gaming systems, Chromecast, etc. other than your smartphones.

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More About App Pluto TV App

Pluto TV Apk has over 40 channels in Spanish, including thousands of native language programs and dubbed movies. According to the developers of this app, any user can grab something that they love via this app. It streams 24/7 and Android and iOS smartphones can download it so you can enjoy your favorite programs from anywhere anytime. With the busy lives we are living, it is great to have a free entertainment platform you can reach anytime, may it be at home in bed, or riding the subway to work. You can watch both new content and old classics because of the extensive library of programs Pluto has at its disposal. 

To help their users enjoy their favorite shows, even more, the developers of the Pluto TV App release regular updates of the app in order to keep the App new and bug-free. You can enjoy new programs as well as new features often with these new updates. As for Androids, your phone needs to have the Android operating system version 5.0 or above to download Pluto TV Apk. And the iOS version of your iPad or iPhone should be 15.1 or above. It is also available for Windows. English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Spanish languages are available in the Pluto TV Apk for the convenience of many users.

Features of Pluto TV Apk

There are many features you can enjoy as a user of this app.

  • It is completely free and there are no subscription costs or sign-in fees.
  • Has over 250 live channels.
  • Has over 1000 movies and other programs in the archives. 
  • Can binge-watch full seasons of your favorite shows.
  • It streams 24/7 so you can enjoy Pluto TV Apk any time of the day.
  • There is great diversity and a variety of shows you can watch.
  • Has a user-friendly easy-to-learn interface.
  • This has YouTube content.
  • Has regular updates.
  • Can download some shows to watch offline.
  • You can save your favorite shows in a list so you can access them as quickly as possible.

These are the top features you can enjoy by downloading and installing Pluto TV Apk on your mobile phone.

Pros and Cons

Every feature we mentioned earlier is an advantage of using the Pluto TV app. There are thousands of horror, indie, classic and other genres of movies and TV shows you can watch with the touch of your fingers with this app. You can enjoy them any time of the day. It is totally free to download and use as well as you can download some shows to watch offline and much more.

However, the Pluto TV apk does not give you features like fast forward, rewind, or recording features for the live shows. Also, it is not available outside the American and European countries. Full service is not also available in Canada. There are commercials in between the shows. Also, the age rating for this app is 17+. These are some of the drawbacks of the Pluto TV app but as you can see, the pros outweigh the number of cons of this amazing app. 

How to Use Pluto TV Apk?

When you are all done with the downloading process and the installation process you can immediately start watching your favorite shows on your phone. There are no accounts or profiles you need to sign on to. 

  1. First, open the app.
  2. Then you will see hundreds of tv channels available on pluto with their thumbnails.
  3. If you do not see anything interesting, you can start searching for shows by entering the name of the movie or the show you are eager to watch in the search box. If it is in the Pluto archives then it will appear on the screen and after you click on it, you can watch it. 
  4. You can also choose channels and programs through your favorite genres and categories.

Safety and Legality

If you worry about downloading the app for free, you do not have to worry about that because it is freeware. Anyone can download the app to enjoy free movies and programs. 

Pluto has a privacy policy and they will not be sharing any of the information with any other party or outside server even though you are connected to the internet to use the services of this application. They also follow the Paramount privacy policy.


Is Pluto TV Apk Free?

Yes, Pluto TV Apk is toll-free to download and you can watch all the channels available on the platform for free.

Can I download Pluto Apk for my iOS?

You can download the App for both Android and iOS mobile phones. It also supports many other television platforms like Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.

Can I binge-watch shows in Pluto?

You can binge-watch shows, as well as watch live shows. There are thousands of entertainment programs of dozens of genres available for you in the Pluto Archives.

Final Words

Pluto TV Apk does its best to provide its customers with a free but quality service. So if you are tired of paying bills to different streaming services, then ditch your bills and join Pluto TV app today! * Get a Video Player for Free