LocalCast APK Download | Latest Version (35.3MB)

LocalCast is the perfect app (APK) solution for casting media Videos, Photos, and Music on Android. Have you ever tried to cast your Android device with the Chromecast or any other smart TV device you have? Is it possible? Most of yours answer will be “no” or “difficult”. But here I am happy to say that casting your Android to Chromecast and any smart TV is possible now. How is it possible? Simply, if you have the LocalCast apk then you can cast anything on your Android to any device you like.


How to Download LocalCast APK on Android?

LocalCast APK Download [35.3MB]

APK NameLocalCast
Latest Versionv37.1.2.13
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

So to download this app you must click the above download button. As you already know the Google Play offers this useful tool for you. The only thing you have to do is to search LocalCast APK in the Google Play Store. You can do so by typing its name on the search bar. The next thing you have to do is to select the version you need. free version or the pro version. Select the best match version for you. then simply tap on the download button and let LocalCast APK download and install on Android. Launch it and use it to your heart’s contents when you want to enjoy any media file on the Android. Once you get used to the LocalCast APK you will find that the app handling is very comfortable.

What is LocalCast APK?

LocalCast APK simply is a media casting app. Share any media file on your Android with any other Smart TV devices for large screen viewing through Chromecast/DLNA device. The LocalCast APK is cost-free. But if you want to be free from ads and if you want to unlock some advanced features you can pay for in-app purchases. But the free version is also capable to provide every feature you need. You can download LocalCast APK directly from any App Store.

localcast apk

Share your videos, images, and music from your Android device to any other device very easily using this wonderful casting tool LocalCast APK. Experience a new way of enjoying your favorite videos with all your family members and friends on a large screen. Stream easily using your Android and watch them by casting it comfortably in your Chromecast connected Smart TV

Devices supporting

There are dozens of devices the LocalCast APK supports. To name such few devices:

  •         Chromecast
  •         Apple TV
  •         Roku
  •         Amazon Fire TV/Amazon Fire TV Stick
  •         Sony Bravia
  •         Samsung, LG, Panasonic TVs, and other Smart TVs
  •         Xbox one/ Xbox 360
  •         DLNA devices
  •         Nexus Player

Features of LocalCast APK

One of the key features of LocalCast APK is its support to various other platforms rather than Android. The support given for the diverse devices is amazing here. You can cast any media file you have to any device you currently own without a pinch of difficulty via this app LocalCast APK. The app is showing around 10,000,000 downloads thanks to this feature.

Remember if you are using Chromecast there is a limitation to the video formats you can play. So these media formats to play include MP4, MP3, M4V, and 3GP.

Stream web videos via LocalCast APK and cast them directly on the device you like.

If you are using Chromecast and the Apple TV 4 to watch your favorite movie then you can enjoy it with the subtitles also. Note that the other devices are not supporting subtitles. This is a considerable drawback of LocalCast APK.

In a Chromecast or Apple TV 4, there are many subtitle options to customize including subtitle font, color, background, timing, etc. If the subtitle files are also in the same folder as the video the subtitle file will be added to the video automatically. If not, then you have to add the subtitle file separately.

The pictures running on the Chromecasts can be easily Zoom, Pan, and rotate.

With all these features we can identify LocalCast APK as an excellent way to cast your media files through Chromecast to any other device. This surely is a simpler way to enjoy your entertainment pieces on the large screen. Try this. you will find it very useful of course.

How to Download LocalCast APK on PC?

If you want to enjoy LocalCast on your PC then it is a must to have an Android Emulator. The well-known Android Emulator which most of the users choose is the Nox Player. Nox Player indeed permits you to run any Android software on the PC without any issue. Still, if your PC is not armed with Nox Player then it is time to launch it on your PC. Visit the official website of the Nox Player and click on the download button. The LocalCast will be downloaded very speedily. Then you have to launch the app. Next, log in to the app using your Google Account. After launching, the last thing you have to do is search LocalCast on Google Play and click on the download button. The app will be downloaded within few seconds. Open and use it comfortably as on your Android.

How to Use LocalCast?

Using LocalCast is certainly an easy process. Just go to your media folders and select the file you want to cast and open it. Then tap on the cast button. Choose the Chromecast devices and tap “ok”. From the displaying list choose the device you want to cast your file. Just tap on the selected device. The file will be cast as soon as you select the device.

You can have quick access to all your media files from the drop-out menu of the LocalCast APK. There you can see every media file from internal storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google+, etc. in one place. Just open the menu and select the file and the device to cast. You can control your playback using the Android device.

FAQs Of LocalCast APK

Is LocalCast free?

The LocalCast APK is free to use if you are okay with the ads popping up. But if you go for the pro version of the app, you can enjoy uninterrupted playback without ads.

Does it support any video format in Chromecast?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Because it supports only a few formats comprising MP4, MP3, M4V, and 3GP.

Why can’t I see subtitles in Roku?

The LocalCast APK only supports subtitles in Chromecast and Apple TV 4. Subtitle support is not there for other devices.

What are the devices supporting LocalCast?

Many devices support LocalCast including Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick, Nexus TV, Samsung, LG, Panasonic Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, and many more are there.


LocalCast casting app can be identified as one of the best casting apps you can have. You can cast any media file like video, music, and images comparatively to any device through Chromecast. The supporting devices include Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and much more. The LocalCast APK is free and you can easily download this tool for Android as well as for your PC. The best way to enjoy your entertaining piece is on a big screen is when you are at home.