Kodi APK 19.1 Free Download | Latest Version (72.5MB)

Kodi is an app (Apk) that brings high-quality video playing to your Android device. One of the top-rated media-playing app popular worldwide. Pleased by enjoying your best-loved movie, TV show, music video, photos, and anything you wish simply using Kodi. Most Android users love to have this nice tool as their media player due to its amusing features. This surely brings a newer experience of watching and streaming media. So, friends let’s have a gaze on this media player Kodi through this post.


How to Download Kodi Apk on Android?

Kodi Apk v19.1 Download (72.5MB)

Latest Versionv19.1
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

Like other apps downloading Kodi Apk on Android is also an extremely uncomplicated process. Download Link is available above and you can get the Apk file easily from it. Or just need to hang on with your official App Store. Most possibly it would be Google Play Store.

  1.   Open Google Play Store
  2.   Type Kodi Apk on the search bar
  3.   Select the version you prefer
  4.   Tap on the install button.
  5.   All done. The app will be downloaded and installed on your Android. Tremendously easier action.

There is one more additional thing I want to point out. If you wish to hang Kodi Apk on your Android TV then it is better if you grab the app “Kore”. Because the app Kore acts as a remote app on Kodi of your mobile or tablet. It makes it easier to hook up with the Android TV.

About the app Kodi Apk

Kodi Apk is an open-source free media player. The app is excellent for viewing all your media files with superb quality and also in a convenient manner. The support is given by the app for different operating systems lets you have this app on most of your platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and so many other.

You can download the app on your Android mobiles, tablets, and also on your Android smart TV. It surely will be a wonderful experience if you are going to use the app on your larger screen of the Android TV. The app acts as a remote for your Android TV enabling you to watch live TV as well.

The app Kodi Apk is armed with a trendy interface but is very simple to navigate through. This is given a special name 10-foot interface which lets you enjoy your content in high quality. Referring to videos, music, and images separately makes it extremely comfortable for use. There are separate sections for playing videos, music, and for images. Plus, you can find a separate tool for the weather as well. And of course, it is fully customizable. Customize the interface of the app to your heart’s content very easily. Make it look more unique. No need to think much.  Hurry and install. Relish all benefits. You surely will be amazed.

kodi apk

Features of the app Kodi Apk

Support many OS and hardware platforms

You can have this app Kodi Apk on any of your devices at your home starting from your Android, iOS, windows, etc. Download and install Kodi Apk on your mobiles, tablets, PCs, and also on your smart TV.

No media content on the app itself

One of the most vital features to keep in mind regarding Kodi Apk is that it doesn’t include any media files in its storage. You have to provide all your media content. Have all the videos, music, and images with you and play through Kodi Apk. This lets you install many add-ons. Through these extra plugins, you can stream certain websites for your loved pieces.

Access to all your media files

Using Kodi Apk you can have entree to all your media files on the device as well as on the network protocols, optical disc, hard drive, and beyond. Can have access easily and makes browsing immensely comfortable. Syncing your media files across many devices is possible through Kodi Apk. A wonderful way to manage all your media files. with some nicely working addons. The app also permits watching live TV and Live sports events coupled with recording features.

Support for add-ons

The facility to add an add-on indeed makes the app a superior one among other similar apps. There are dozens of official Kodi Apk add-ons to install for a better user experience. And also, lets you install some third-party add-ons too. Using these extra add-ons, you can easily search your favorite media through the official websites of the service providers including YouTube and social networks. Though the app doesn’t include media on its own, the holdup gave by the app to access and stream videos are amazing.

How to Download Kodi Apk on PC?

There are two methods from which you can download Kodi for your PC. Easily you can download Kodi from its official website. Once you visit the official website you can see separate versions of the app for separate platforms. There you have to select the windows platform and then click on the download button. The app will be downloaded quickly and easily.

The other method is installing through an Android Emulator. For this first grab an Android emulator. Many prefer Nox Player as their emulator.

Visit the official website of the Nox Player and download it on the PC. Then open it and hang on to Google Play Store. Search the app Kodi Apk there. Click on the download button. Then install it on your PC. You are done. Now you can use this amazing media player Kodi as you wish on your PC too.

How to Use Kodi Apk?

As soon as you get your hand on the player Kodi Apk you will find it as an easy-to-use app. The graphical interface of the app is extremely comfortable to follow and also fully customizable. You can customize each and every feature inside the player to make it more comfortable and best suit one for you.

There are separate settings options named, player settings, media settings, PVR and Live TV settings, profile settings, skin and interface settings, and likewise. You can customize these options in the manner you want. Each and every option surely let you have a unique appearance for your player. There is a separate setting option to add the needed plug-ins or add-ons too.

Some options or settings will be somewhat hard to follow at the beginning. But when you get used to the app you will find it pretty easier.

Is the app safe?

Indeed. The app is safer to use. But as this allow you to add extra add-ons you have to be sure that these add-ons are free from risks. Otherwise, it will affect badly on your device. When you download the app Kodi Apk be confident it is safer to use on your Android without worries.

Is the app legal?

The player Kodi Apk itself is a legal application. It is pure and blank. The safety or the legality depends on what you do. If you are using Kodi Apk for streaming illegal content through your add-ons then definitely the app will eventually become unsafe and illegal. So, be cautious when you are streaming.


What I can watch through Kodi Apk?

To say simply anything you want. You can watch anything you want wholeheartedly thanks to this wonderful media-playing app Kodi Apk. Watch as much as movies, shows, live sports, and many more beyond. Plus watch social media content, YouTube videos, live TV, and many more by adding extra plug-ins.

What are the addons in Kodi Apk?

Add-ons are some extra plug-ins that you can use to enhance the overall performance of the player. These add-ons can be from the Kodi Apk developers or can be from third parties. Some of the add-ons to name are Gaming, weather, audio, video, lyrics, and beyond. Skin-addons permit you to change the skin of your player to your dream one. The add-ons like scraper add-ons let you to know each and every detail of a certain media file you wish to know (including genre, released date, year, actors, and so on)

Is it possible to replace the TV with Kodi Apk?

Of course not. As the app doesn’t have a media library you cannot totally replace your TV with the player. But you can use it to play your media and also streaming content through add-ons.


Kodi Apk is an exceptional media-playing app to play all your media including video, audio, images, and streaming content. The services are completely free and downloading is also very comfortable. This supports many operating systems and can have on any of your Android devices. The app earns the trust of many Android users worldwide as one of the leading media player apps.