AllCast APK Download | Latest Version (29.5MB)

AllCast is an app (APK) to cast photos, videos, and music on Android TVs and other Smart TVs. Imagine all the family members and relatives are at your home. You want to show them a video of a party or something else which is very funny and interesting. But the video is there on your Android mobile? What will you do? Are you going to show the video using the mobile? Then I am sure you can show the video for only one or two at a time. Surely this will not add any pleasure. How about watching the video using your Android TV, or maybe Apple TV or anything else with a large screen. Then all can watch it very easily at the same time. Can we do so?

This is the question most of you will ask. No need to worry friends. There is a wonderful way to cast anything inside your Android mobile to your Chromecast, Amazon TV, Apple TV, etc. extremely easily. You can do so if you have this incredible app AllCast Apk with you.


How to Download AllCast Apk on Android?

AllCast Apk Download [29.5MB]

APK NameAllCast
Latest Versionv3.0.1.7
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+
  1. At first, go to the download link on the above section and download AllCast Apk to your Android device.
  2. Then open the downloaded Apk file using the file manager.
  3. After that continue with the Installer.
  4. Then finish the installation process.
  5. So in the end, you can go to the apps and find the AllCast Apk on the list.

What is AllCast Apk?

From the name itself you can understand what this app means. An Android app that lets you cast anything on any device. AllCast Apk. There is no limit to the devices you can cast into. Every device you have is ready for casting if you have this nice tool with you.

Let’s say you have an Apple TV. Can you cast your Android mobile with the Apple TV easily? Of course not. Though you can cast your Android mobile with the Android TV easily you cannot cast it on the Apple TV like so. Then here comes the App AllCast Apk. You can effortlessly cast your Android mobile with the Apple TV if you grab this interesting app now.

One of the must-have app on your Android permits you to watch many things on a big screen with all your family members and loved ones. Download this easily on your Android and iOS devices and relish its benefits.

allcast apk

Features of AllCast APK

Share And Cast Anything You Like

Cast anything you wish on any device you have. You can cast photos, music, videos on your Androids to many devices. Some of the files you can share include audio files, music files, recent files, files from the gallery, files from media servers, Google Drive, DropBox, File Browser, etc. You can find all these files inside the app AllCast Apk. This makes it easier and quicker to find the needed file to share.

It Is Free

AllCast Apk is entirely free. Some ads are popping up. But these ads run only on your Android. Not on the casting device. This is a fantastic feature related to this app. There is a chance to own an ads-free version also if you upgrade for the premium version.

Capability to Cast Many Devices

Using the AllCast Apk you can cast your android with dozens of other platforms. Some of these includes:

  •         Amazon Fire TV
  •         Chromecast
  •         Apple TV
  •         Roku
  •         WDTV
  •         Xbox 360, Xbox One
  •         Samsung Smart TVs
  •         Sony Smart TVs
  •         Panasonic Smart TVs
  •         Other DLNA Renderers

Easy Control

AllCast Apk using and controlling is very easy. So the interface of the app is very simple and convenient to follow. There is a pull-out menu on the left side of the interface. This permits direct access to any media file with you. Enables access to device storage and also the files on network streams.

Prime-quality display output

The output quality of the casting is satisfactory. You can confidently enjoy the prime-quality video, audio, and display output through this app AllCast Apk. But friends there is a watermark on the file you are sharing using the app. This will appear only on the lower-right corner of the screen.

Downloading and installing the app AllCast Apk is also very easy and simple as other Android Apks.

How to Download AllCast on the PC?

For your pleasure now you can have any Android app on your PC also thanks to Android Emulators. Android Emulators are nice platforms that permit you to run any Android Apk on the PC. So, as this AllCast Apk. If your PC is equipped with an Android Emulator easily you can download the app AllCast Apk. If not first download an Android Emulator. You can choose Nox Player as the best Android Emulator for your PC.

Visit the official website of the Nox Player and download the emulator. Launch it on the PC after installing it. Log in to your Google Account using the Nox Player. Then search the app AllCast Apk on the Google Play Store inside the emulator. Now you can download the app. After the process completes use the app in the manner you wish.

How to use AllCast Apk?

The Allcast Apk is very popular all around the globe due to its interesting features and convenient usability. The app is very easy to use. The app itself gathers all the files on your Android device or PC. Not only the device storage but it accumulates all the files from the network protocols. The drop-out menu on the left of the screen enables you to access any file you want very easily. Just select the file and cast it on your device and start enjoying it.

Is it safe and legal?

Yes. Of course. Within few times after launching the app it went viral in every part of the world with more than 10,000,000+ downloads all over the globe. These stats clearly show that how powerful its usability is. This is definitely because the app is free from any malware and bugs. And also, the app is legal to own. You can choose the app AllCast Apk for your Android confidently.

FAQs related to AllCast APK

Is AllCast Apk support Ads?

The free version of the app is ads-supported. But the ads will run only on your Android mobile. So, the interruption is very limited here. If you want to eliminate ads then the premium version is for you.

Can I cast any media file using the app AllCast Apk?

Indeed. This lets you cast any media file starting the files on your device storage to files on the network streams together with DropBox, Google Drive, and much more.


The app AllCast can be recognized as one of the best casting apps you can have on your Android and also on your PC. This indeed meets all your casting needs. You can share any media file with you on to any device you have including AmazonFireTV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Sony, Panasonic Smart TVs, Roku, Xboxes, and much more. Try this wonderful app for free and enjoy it now. I am sure you will love this app AllCast.