XRecorder Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

XRecorder is an app (Apk) for smooth and clear screen recording and screenshots. First of all, may I ask some questions please you? Would you like or wish to record a video conference, video call, or video game? So the perfect option for that task is the xrecorder apk. This is a diverse application that lets you record such types of video calls, video conferences, online lectures or video games.  That is not only a recorder for you but also there are more features embedded in the app. The xrecorder apk is allowing you to capture the videos as well as capture the screenshots of a static image.

 Here the xrecorder app allows you to record anything happening on the screen. You can use xrecorder Apk to record anything that is happening on the screen. The user is the person that should have to organize the tools and do the screen records. There are so many other functions that you could expect with the xrecorder apk. In order to discover such amazing functions, join the app immediately.

xrecorder apk

Xrecorder Apk Download for Android

Xrecorder Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version of the app is To use the app effectively, each and every android device should be contained with android version 5.0 and upwards. Currently, there are over 100,000,000+ users have accumulated over the app. If you are an android device user who is wishing to use the Xrecorder apk, then this is the best chance for you to get the xrecorder apk easily. But every time you get an app you should make sure the version you are getting is the latest. So follow the below procedure to get the xrecorder apk into your device.

  • The download icon given below is for you to get the app. Then just click on the download icon given below.
  • The download process begins shortly and waits until it gets finished.
  • Make sure to allow installs from unknown sources before installing the Xrecorder apk.
  • Then install the app.
  • Launch the app and feel free to continue your task.

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What is Xrecorder Apk?

 As stated here the xrecorder apk can be used to record anything that you are doing or playing on your mobile.  Also sometimes some video items are not allowed to be downloaded. So in such a case use the xrecorder Apk. the recording should be enough to play on the full screen. Also that it is playing the sounds of the recorded video. The recording screen can be adjusted easily. The users can adjust the parameters of the recording screen.

 Apart from that, there are many functions included in this xrecorder apk. By the following facts, you would be able to be aware of the most facts. Capture any item that you do on the android device screen or laptop device. Or else record any video game that you play. The xrecorder Apk is supported for several videos on apps like youtube, twitch, periscope, or bigo live, etc. Export the video recordings anywhere that the user wants to. While exporting the video you could select what is the resolution you want.


More About The App

 The most specific function regarding the xrecorder apk is there is no watermark included in the video recording. Therefore anyone couldn’t be able to know using which application you recorded the videos.  Also, some people believe that rooting is required for working with the app. But it is not like that. Rooting is not essential to using the xrecorder Apk. Some recording apps have a time limit for recording. But the xrecorder Apk is not such an app. There are no time limits. To prepare for the recording there is a countdown option for you. There is integrated video editing. There is a sharing option in this xrecorder app. That share option helps the users to share the videos directly to Facebook, Youtube,  Twitter, IGTV, and Instagram. Along with the latest version, there is a new video editor contained.f


  • Xrecorder Apk Can capture the screens and take screenshots
  • Record your gaming experience on the phone
  • The audio recording without noise internally
  • Facecam is to reveal your facial expressions with the multiple cameras
  • Export the full HD video contents with the custom settings 240p, 1080p, 60FPS and 12Mbps
  • Video editor with functions such as trim, remove the middle part, control the speed and add music
  • Speed up or slow down the videos
  • There are so many fun stickers and texts to make the recording personalized.
  • The draft can be saved for continuous editing.
  • Watermark doesn’t include in the screen recorder
  • Screen recorders with facecam help the users to record their faces and facial expressions including reactions in a small-sized window. The small window can be dragged freely to any position of the screen. And customize to any size.

Xrecorder Download For iOS

The Xrecorder is available for iOS devices as well. Therefore easily you could work with the iPhones as well as iPads. So the download link is given below. You could easily get the Xrecorder by using the given download link.  Then further assistance continues your work with the given above steps. Download the app

Xrecorder Download for PC

The xrecorder is supporting your PC as well. The below procedures are for you to get the xrecorder apk downloaded into your pc. You need an android emulator for that task. Therefore get an android emulator if you don’t have one.

  • Launch the android emulator. Bluestacks, nox player, and menu player are some most recommended android emulators.
  • Then launch the google play store with the android emulator.
  • After entering the google play store search for the name xrecorder app.
  • You would explore the app.
  • Then click on the download button and install it after allowing the necessary permissions required for it.
  • Launch the app and work with it freely.

How To Use Xrecorder Apk?

This is a simple app specially designed for recording the screens of your devices. There is no any kind of restrictions in order to use the app. So take your chance and enjoy the app. No rooting is required just to start the recording.

Safety And Legality

The xrecorder apk doesn’t have any restrictions for usage. Actually, as the users of it, you don’t want to face such difficulties. In any region, you would be able to use this app without any kind of restriction. When it is considered the safety of the app you need not worry about that. That is because the app has been scanned to explore if there are any kinds of harmful malware included in the app. Therefore don’t worry about that. Use it freely.


Q: Can we record a video in the xrecorder Apk?

A: Yes, by using the xrecorder app the users are free to record videos without any time limit. And rooting is not required for the usage of the app.

Q: Is xrecorder Apk a Chinese app?

A: There is not much information available in the app. It is known that the app originated from china. Therefore the xrecorder Apk is a Chinese app.

Final Words

The xrecorder Apk is a famous app for recording the screens of your devices. The ratio of the recording video can be adjusted via the app also. You can change the resolutions of the videos and also can use many options and share the videos on another platform. So included with those there are numerous functions available. So this is the chance for you to enjoy the app.