Resso Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

Resso is an app (Apk) for having entertainment with music items. Here the app is not allowing the users to play some music items.  So this app is not only an application that allows you to play songs. But also it is allowing you to stream the contents that you wanted to. The app will help you to express yourself and your personality along with the use of it. Also as a user, you will get a chance to connect with other users to enjoy what you love. However, you would be able to discover much more things contained with the Resso Apk. There are many more features available to enjoy with this amazing app.

Simply everyone calls this Resso Apk the new music streaming app. This app was launched by their parent company TikTok.  Still, the app is available in only two countries. Those are Indonesia and India. The resso apk will always help the users to express themselves and help the users to stay connected with others by the method of keeping track of what they love.

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Resso Apk Download for Android

Resso Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version available for you is 1.79.1. The app requires the android version 5.0 and upwards to enjoy. Currently, over 100,000,000+ individuals are using the app. After reading the above facts regarding the Resso apk if you want to get this app into your device please follow the below guidelines. Then you would be able to download the app without any interruptions.

  • First, allow downloads and installs from unknown sources. If you don’t do that, sometimes the download process can be interrupted.
  • Then simply click on the below download tab appearing below.
  • Then wait till the download process ends.
  • After that install the Resso Apk.
  • Launch the app and start working with it.
  • This is how you would be able to get the app successfully into your android device. Enjoy the app.

What is Resso Apk?

A basic, as well as a unique feature included with the Resso apk, is the level of interactivity among its users of it. The app is titled a “Social music app” among the Resso apk users. So this social music app is allowing its users to share any songs that they want.  Additionally, the users can comment on the user-generated songs. The users can listen to the music tracks fully. Some applications are having restrictions on them. So the users are not capable of enjoying the full-length music tracks or else sharing the music track with others. But this Resso apk is not like that. There are no restrictions. Users can have an experience with the app at the maximum level.


More About The App

Keep you always synchronized with the lyrics of your favorite songs. Explore yourself with the Resso app’s contents. Simply create your playlist with the available. Discover more musical tastes of yours individually by connecting with this precious app. there are diverse podcast channels are available for you to enjoy.  Those podcast channels are available for you to chill out and learn many things. Enjoy many personalized recommendations via the Resso Apk every day.

There are also premium features available in the Resso Apk. So along with the premium features the users are able to download unlimited amounts of their favorite songs and enjoy offline music streaming. The app experience is ad-free therefore you won’t be interrupted while you are using the Resso Apk. excellent audio quality can be enjoyed through the app. unlimited jumps are available to your favorite songs.


  • Can enjoy the app content in a new way along with images, videos, and gifs.
  • Upload the videos for your favorite tracks easily.
  • The uploaded gifs would be a help for you to express your feelings regarding the tracks
  • Add pictures to share your feelings regarding your favorite tracks.
  • To express your current mood by selecting any quotes included in the Resso Apk. also you are able to share the quotes on your social media accounts too.
  • Create a playlist by including all of your favorite tracks contained in this Resso Apk. also after creating the other users are able to enjoy the same track because you can share that with the whole community.
  • With the help of this amazing streaming app, anyone would be able to listen to their favorite music tracks as well as comment on the music tracks to share their thoughts.

Resso Download For iOS

The app is available for iPhones, iPads as well as Apple TVs. So if you are also an iOS device user, then you could be able to get the app by clicking on the download link just click on the download link and wait till the app finishes downloading. Then install it. Finally, start working with it freely.

Resso Download for PC

Resso could be used with the PC as well. There is a PC version available for that. By following the below steps you could be able to download the app successfully.

  • You need an android emulator to proceed with the download of the Resso app. Bluestacks is the most common android emulator for getting the apps for your PC.
  • Download an Android emulator if you don’t have an android emulator.
  • Launch the android emulator.
  • Then open the google play store with the android emulator.
  • Search for the Resso app in the google play store.
  • Click on the download tab of the app.
  • After a few seconds, the download process will be completed.
  • Then launch the app and start working with it.

That’s how you can work with the Resso app. Then you can work with it successfully.

How To Use Resso Apk?

The resso apk is a worthy app that you should have to practice using. It has many amazing features for music streaming. There would not be any complex tasks. So just start using and discover the features.

Safety And Legality

The Resso apk doesn’t have any restrictions or any difficulties to use for the users of it. You will be able to use it without any hassle. In any region, you would be able to use this app without any kind of restriction. When it is considered the safety of the app you need not worry about that. That is because the Resso Apk has been scanned and ensured that there is no harmful content included in the app. Therefore the users don’t have to be concerned about the installation on their smart devices. Use it freely.


Q: Is Resso a Chinese app?

A: Yes, the Resso apk is a Chinese app that recently became one of the top three music streaming apps in India.  It has become up to this position, due to the amazing features included in the Resso apk. so it belongs to China.

Q: Why is the Resso app so popular?

A: The Resso apk has become so famous due to its level of interactivity.  The app is providing a local service to the local users of it such as Gaana. So the users are able to enjoy the app with real-time lyrics.

Q: Is Resso Apk banned from India?

A: Most recently some Chinese apps have been banned by the Indian government. But the Resso apk does not consist on the banned app list. The app was launched in March this year. Also currently the Resso apk has generated over 1.8 million downloads across the app stores as well as the google play store in India.

Final Words

So according to the given above facts, there are so many valuable facts that have been stated regarding the Resso apk. The reading of the above facts is not the only essential. You also have to experience these facts too. Here is your chance to experience the app functions by yourselves. But unfortunately, only Indian and Indonesian users have this chance because the Resso Apk is limited to those countries. However, if you have the capability of being entertained with the app contents have a nice experience with it.