B612 Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

B612 is an all-in-one app (Apk) that includes photo editing and video editing. According to the current trend, many more users are using these kinds of filtering apps. Actually, we are unable to find a single person who is not using this kind of filtering app. That means people are preferring the edited looks over their natural looks. But when you are connected with this amazing B612 apk, here is your opportunity to preserve your natural look even after editing too. Here there are numerous features and tools associated with the app. These tools and features are making each and every moment special. The most trendy effects, filters, and stickers are helping you to get the desired outcome.

b612 apk

B612 Apk Download for Android

B612 Apk Download

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Currently, there are over 500,000,000+ users who have accumulated with the app. So if you are also willing to use this B612 apk here is your time. since you are an android device user you could download the B612 apk simply. Follow the below procedure for it.

  • Here we have provided the download link below. Just click on it to proceed with the download process.
  • Then allow the installs from unknown sources to get the app installed to your device correctly. If not, some interpretations can occur during the ongoing download process.
  • Then wait till the installation gets finished.
  • After that, Allow for the permissions that are requested by the app.
  • Launch the app and continue your tasks easily.

What is the B612 Apk?

Here the B612 apk is allowing you to create any kind of customized filter. Make your one with this amazing app. after creating your filter, you are able to share it with the other users of the app. Sometimes in the first trial, you are not able to create a filter by yourselves. But try and try. You would be able to complete the creation of the filters. You are required to perform a few touches. The users of the B612 apk can meet many more users that have the same interests as you. Meet the diverse and creative filters that are offered by the B612 creators.


More About The App

The users can enjoy the B612 Apk along with the basic and professional grading tools. There are various effects and filters available. The styles are available from retro to emotional modern styles. Here while using the B612 Apk, the users are able to create a perfect atmosphere for yourselves. Advanced color edits are for you to experience precise color edits. Can create a more natural-looking portrait with beauty effects, body edits, and with split tone.  Perform the borders and crop options as well.. edit videos by using many more trendy effects and with trending music.

These are a few features associated with the B612 apk. you can identify many more features by starting the usage of the app. Here’s your chance for that.


  • Create your own filter
  • Use the filters that are available on the B612 Apk
  • Create the filters and share them with your other friends
  • Meet many more creative tools and filters
  • There is a camera available in the B612 Apk.
  • Apply the real-time filters and make it better to capture each and every best moment of life’s best
  • A smart beauty option is available for you to adjust the face shape and create your custom beauty
  • AR make-up is available to create a natural look by the makeup
  • High-resolution mode and  night mode
  • Can use it anytime anywhere
  • Capture the funny moments with the Gif bounce feature.
  • Create an image as a gif and share it with your friends
  • There are over 500 types of music available. So you can turn your daily life into a music creations
  • Use a custom sound source for music after extracting the sound sources from the video.

So these are some basic features available with the app. due to those specific features the B612 apk is known to be an all-in-one pro editing featuring app. so in order to discover more functions associated with the B612 Apk. Just start the usage of the app.

B612 Download For iOS

In order to use this app effectively, you should have the iOS version 13.0 or upwards. Currently, the B612 is available for the ios devices like your iPhones as well as iPads. We have provided the download link for downloading the app here. Let’s see how we can download the app. Simply click on the below download icon. then follow the given above procedure for further assistance while downloading the app. Finally, you will get the B612 downloaded successfully.

B612 Download for PC

The app can be downloaded to PCs. Though it is an android app the B612 can be downloaded to a PC by using an android emulator. Follow the below procedure to install the  B612 into your device. So follow the below steps for it.

  • As above stated an android emulator is required. The bluestacks, nox player, and menu player are some of the most recommended android emulators.
  • First, install an android emulator if you don’t have one for your device
  • Then launch the google play store with the android emulator
  • Then search for the B612 app in the search bar
  • Then you will get the relevant results in your search.
  • Select the appropriate app and click on the download.
  • Then allow necessary permissions and install the app.
  • Launch the app on your device
  • Finally, Start working with the app.

How To Use B612 Apk?

This is a simple photo editing app. Here there is a camera included in the app. Therefore users are able to capture photos with an app camera. Apart from that the users can import the photos into the B612 Apk and perform the edits that they desire. So the task is very simple. There are no complex procedures. Just start using the app.

Safety And Legality

The B612 apk is safe for you. There is no kind of harmful malware included with the Rumble apk. Therefore it is safe to install into your device.  Don’t hesitate about it also. Even there are no inappropriate contents B612 apk. There are so many apps that steal private information but the rumble is not such an app.


Q: What does the B612 apk do?

A: This is an app that is contained with the all-in-one camera and photo video editing app.  In order to perform these specific functions, there are many more free tools available. Use trendy effects and filters.

Q: IS the B612 app Chinese?

A: No. The app is a product of Snowcap.  That company is based in South Korea. Therefore the B612 Apk is a creation of South Korea.

Q: Can I capture video via the B612 apk?

A: First open the B612 apk on your device.  Then go to the video and open it. After that click the timer icon. Therefore set a countdown to start the recording. Click on the timer icon to again set the countdown in order to start recording.

Final Words

So the given above description is regarding the B612 apk. That is an editing app that is consistent with many more functions. Here is your chance to experience it. There are some more features than the ones stated here. Enjoy the B612 apk.