Snaptik Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

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Snaptik is an app (Apk) for downloading TikTok videos instantly and easily. Assume that there are some favorite TikTok of yours. Then you want to download it. In one method you could download it with the watermark. But when you want to download without a watermark, the Snaptik apk is the most appropriate app for that task. You could download TikTok without a watermark. Apart from that Instagram videos also can be downloaded with this. And from Facebook as well as youtube videos can be downloaded. It is totally free and super fast to use this Snaptik. It is of the highest quality as well.

snaptik apk

Snaptik APK Download for Android

Snaptik Apk Download

Google Play Download

The latest version of the Snaptik apk for android devices is 1.0.37. In order to use the app successfully, you are required to have the android version 5.0 or upwards. Currently, there are over 5,000,000+ individuals have accumulated over the app. The app is about a 45MB sized app if you are an android device user who wishes to use the Snaptik, then this is the best chance for you to get the this apk easily. But every time you get an app you should make sure the version you are getting is the latest. So follow the below procedure to get the Snaptik apk into your device.

  • The download icon given below is for you to get the app. Then just click on the download icon given below.
  • The download process begins shortly and waits until it gets finished.
  • Make sure to allow installs from unknown sources before installing the Snaptik apk.
  • Then install the app.
  • Launch the app and feel free to continue your task.

What is Snaptik APK?

The Snaptik apk is a perfect video downloader that has many features on it. The snap til allows you to watch the videos while you are offline. The app allows you to edit videos and add captions. After downloading the videos you could share the downloaded video with your friends as well as on other social media platforms as well. Also, you are not required to log in to the app or to provide any login details to the apps.

Now the Snaptik apk is the most trending video downloading app currently. The application is offering a lot of features included with a simple interface, the best quality and no watermark. No registration is required. Some users are worried about the privacy of the app. But don’t worry about it, the app guarantees data privacy. Also, It does not share any personal information with third-party apps and developers.


More About The App

There is a built-in media player on Snaptik apk. Along with this built-in media player you are free to play the downloaded videos without any other app. Also, users are free to watch the videos either in landscape mode or portrait mode. You can double-tap or swipe up the screen. Also, there is no any kind of limits or restrictions on the usage of the app. There is no kind of limit for downloading the videos by the Snaptik apk. This is best for downloading a large number of videos without any delay. Also with the free version of the app, you have to do the tasks with the advertisements. This is a kind of disturbance. Along with the mod app, you would be able to get rid of these advertisements. However, the Snaptik apk is an outstanding application that allows you to enjoy it with some more features.


  • Video download is available without the watermark. The Snaptik apk removes the watermark from the TikTok lite as well as TikTok lite.
  • Download the videos, photos, Instagram stories and highlights through the Snaptik apk.
  • Download any Facebook video directly to your device.
  • Snaptik apk can download the Twitter videos.
  • Get all downloaded videos in the highest quality.
  • Easy and fast even login won’t be required.
  • Play the videos offline after you have downloaded them.
  • Snaptik apk can share the downloaded creation with other friends and with social networks.

Snaptik Download For iOS

The snaptik Is available for iOS device users also. In order to use the apk successfully, you are required to have a device with the iOS version 11.0. You would be able to get the apk by here. So you just have to click on the download icon. Then follow the same procedure as I have mentioned in the above description. Finally, you will get it downloaded safely and quickly.

Snaptik Download for PC

Not only for mobile device users but also the Snaptik is available for PCs as well. It is easy to get the app into your PC and start working with it. Follow the below procedure for it.

If your PC doesn’t have an android emulator, first get it downloaded. The most recommended android emulator for this purpose is the bluestacks. Also, you could use other alternative android emulators as well. However, get it downloaded.

  • Then launch the google play store with the android emulator.
  • Then search for the name Snaptik apk on the search bar of the google play store.
  • You could explore the respective app.
  • Click on the download tab and wait until the download process ends.
  • Allow for the installation of the Snaptik apk.
  • Launch the app.
  • Start working with it.

It is the most simple way that you could get the app into your PC. If you are getting the Snaptik, this is how you should do it.

How To Use Snaptik APK?

Now you have fulfilled the basic requirement of installing the app into your device. Then open the Snaptik apk on the mobile device. Then copy the video link from TikTok, youtube or Facebook. After that, paste the copied link on the snaptik download TikTokk video URL box. Then press the download button in order to download the TikTok video. Then the download process starts shortly. After that, the downloaded video would be saved on your device.

Safety And Legality

The Snaptik apk doesn’t have any restrictions for usage. Actually, as the users of it, you don’t want to face such difficulties. In any region, you would be able to use this Snaptik apk without any kind of restriction. When it is considered the safety of the app you need not worry about that. That is because the app has been scanned to explore if there are any kinds of harmful malware included in the app. Therefore don’t worry about that. Use it freely.


Q: Is private video downloading available with the Snaptik apk? If it is available how to do it?

A: Yes, private video downloading is available. What you have to do is just copy the link to the  video that you want to download. Then provide it on the snaptik. That’s all. You can begin the download process.

Q: How can I get rid of the watermark on the videos downloaded by the Snaptik apk?

A: That is a specific feature available on the snaptik app. The watermark is not applied and it is erased while you are downloading the videos.

Final Words

Here the above description is regarding a precious app called snaptik apk. Briefly, the app can be described as a video and image downloader for most outstanding platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. This is not only a video downloader it is acting as a media player too. Now you are aware of more details about it. This article is giving you an idea regarding how to use it and the questions that are raised by its users. Then this is your turn to enjoy Snaptik apk. Have fun!