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Float Tube is an app (Apk) that can be used to watch any Tube Video via a floating widget. We are all aware of youtube. It is one of the world’s leading platforms for watching videos. There are millions of videos included on Youtube. Actually, there is wide diversification among the youtube videos of the app.  Youtube contains creations from many content creators. But here the article is stating the topic as the float tube apk. That is not regarding youtube.

While using the youtube regular version there are many disadvantages you have to face. As an example, the multiple advertisements and the small window mode are some of its disadvantages of it. Therefore as a solution for that, the float tube Apk was invented. The float tube Apk allows you to watch the videos only with a few advertisements and watch the videos by using the float mode. So that feature is allowing the users to watch the videos while you are engaging in other work. Actually, this is a kind of specific feature that is created for music enthusiasts. That is because they can enjoy music free and comfortably by using the floating window feature.

float tube apk

Float Tube APK Download for Android

Float Tube Apk Download

Google Play Download

The float tube apk is supported for devices with android version 7.0 or upwards. The latest version of the app is 1.6.9. Over 1,000,000 individuals are using the app. You could get the application by clicking on the following download tab. Follow the given below steps for more references for downloading.

  • First, allow for downloads from unknown sources. It will avoid interpretations while downloading.
  • Then click on the following download tab.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the download process gets finished.
  • Then install the app according to the instructions displayed.
  • Launch the app.
  • Start working with it.

What is a Float Tube APK?

The float tube Apk is similar to the youtube on all sides. Everything is similar from all features to the interface. It is what stands out in the floating video. Customization options are available for the interface to make it unique. Though the youtube and float tube Apk look similar, there is a kind of dissimilarity. But those dissimilarities make this app more impressive and enhanced user experiences. The float tube Apk actually uses the data from youtube to bring out a wealth of content. The floating bubble feature is available too. The videos or movies can be watched through the float tube Apk free.  Still, some advertisements are appearing. The ad-appearing feature will automatically stop while you are using the app.

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More About The App

The users of float tube Apk are free to watch all of your youtube videos through the app. Or else users are able to log in to the google account in order to save the history as well as bookmarks. But users can watch or share videos by the app as this is acting similar to the youtube original app. The videos are scaled through the app. Therefore you can directly interact with it just like a normal video. Your device is multi-tasking while you use this float tube apk. Because you can watch the videos while doing other work.

The floating model is available for you without any restrictions or limitations. It is giving you attractive benefits. Apart from the floating window feature, the apk is allowing you to resize, move, change the opacity and change the video playing modes as well.  When you want to listen only use the audio-only feature in the floating feature. The audio will only play in the background with the lowest performance. But don’t worry about the sound quality of the audio. That is remaining with the absolute sound quality. Also, users can interact with the music by using the notification bar of the app.


  • Floating playing for the music and videos.
  • Free to use
  • The ad playing time period can be limited by the users
  • In order to play the next video click next or allow it to autoplay the next
  • Resize and move the floating window player
  • The app is well designed to enhance the viewing experience
  • The favourite videos are recommended for you to based on the playback history
  • Allow watching videos through the floating windows
  • The youtube app is allowing users to watch youtube videos while browsing the web on their device for free totally.
  • The float tube Apk is always taking the top place from the other application and the player is always at the top position when compared with the other apps.
  • While you are using the floating window in order to show the control menu, press the center of the floating window.
  • The position of the player can also be adjusted the size can be adjusted too.
  • Minimize the player or lock the player or close the player too.

Float Tube Download For iOS

The float tube is available for iOS devices as well. Therefore easily you could work with the iPhones as well as iPads. So the download link is given below. You could easily get the float tube by using the given download link.  Then further assistance continues your work with the given above steps. Download the app

Float Tube Download for PC

Initially, if your PC doesn’t include an android emulator then download it first. Bluestacks and the Memu emulators are the best for this function. So get it first because the android emulator is necessary for the download process.

  • Then launch the google play store from the android emulator.
  • Search for the float tube in the google play store.
  • Download and install the app after you have explored the correct app.
  • Then proceed to work with the app easily.

How To Use Float Tube APK?

The float tube apk is an app that allows you to watch the same video contents that are consistent with the youtube app. Here there are floating window features that is allowing users to use this app while using the app with the other apps on your device. There are several app controls are in this app to adjust as per the users’ desires.

Safety And Legality

The float tube apk is built with more types of security features. That is protecting the app and information continuously. So according to the functions of the app, the security features will detect and automatically block the security threats from reaching those threats up you. When it comes to the legality of the app, it is legally allowed to use. There are no restrictions on the app’s contents. Also, there is no kind of barriers imposed on the activity of the float tube apk. So start using the app and start trusting the app community.


Q: Can I resize the window of the app?

A: Yes, users can rearrange the size of the app window. Control functions are available. Through those functions, the app can be resized.

Final Words

The description given in above describes the precious apk called the float tube apk. This is much similar to the youtube apk. All contents included here are the youtube videos. Those can also be experienced by using this float tube apk. When you are using the float tube apk you could use and experience along with thousands of features. If you haven’t used the app ever before this is your chance to use and identify its features of it. There are multiple uses here that are beneficial. So enjoy the app.