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DailyTube is an app (Apk) that has the ability to let you watch free videos and listen to music uninterrupted. May I ask you a question? Do you like to pop up advertisements while you are watching a video? I assume your answer. Certainly, your answer may be no, I don’t like it. Then are you aware of the solutions for such an issue? If you know any solutions certainly you might have used a variety of options. But I am sure that you haven’t used this dailytube apk still. If you don’t know any solutions let us know more here. So if you are bothered about the ads that pop up while watching the video, come to the dailytube apk.

Enjoy the functions with the dailytube apk. It is performing premium features that are auto-blocking the ads and skipping all the advertisements that are popping up annoyingly. Also, it is allowing the users for the background play. Although users can find wonderful videos as well as free music from any region of the world anywhere anytime.

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DailyTube Apk Download for Android

DailyTube Apk Download Latest Version

Google Play Download

The latest version for android devices is To use the app effectively your device should have the android version 4.4 or any other higher version. Currently, the apk is used by over 5,000,000 individuals. I know that you are willing to enjoy the dailytube apk. So I think you are an android device user. By following the below steps you would be able to download the dailytube apk for your device. Let’s see how we can download the apk correctly.

First, even before starting the DailyTube Apk downloading process, you should have allowed downloads and installs from unknown sources. That should have to be set by the device settings. Then start the procedure. We have done this to make sure there won’t be any interruptions.

  • Click on the download icon given below.
  • The download process begins shortly.
  • Wait till the download process ends and install the app by following the necessary procedure.
  • Launch the app by clicking on the app icon.
  • Then feel free and continue your tasks with the dailytube apk.

What is a DailyTube APK?

The dailytube apk can be used for all your favorite items such as channels, trending videos, playlists, playing music, etc. also it can be transformed into a movie tube as well. You could continue your watching experience from the full screen of the mobile device as well as a floating window. Always the floating window located at the top of the screen. The background player allows the users to use the apps while playing music and videos. Therefore users could enjoy the dailytube apk while reading a book or chatting with a friend.

To avoid the unnecessary experience of ad pop-ups, the dailytube apk has the capability of auto-blocking the ads.  That will bring the users an unexpected experience of enjoying. Also while using the dailytube apk the users could search for their favorite artists, browse and discover some more music items, discover new music genres and stream music unlimited. The app allows its users to access all the videos and block ads. Let’s enjoy the dailytube apk.


More About DailyTube Apk

Many enhancements can be observed when this app is compared with a similar type of app. Enjoy your favorite items like never before.  Rather than youtube, you could use this dailytube apk for watching the youtube content. The major function and feature here are blocking all the advertisements. Therefore we can call this an advanced version of youtube. This app offered all the functions included in the native youtube app. Sometimes after starting the dailytube apk you will forget the original app also.  Also, the app allows users to enjoy their favorite content by locking the device screen as well. So these are some brief facts regarding the app. Let us use the dailytube and conclude how is it.


The advertisements are blocked by the DailyTube apk on videos. Also while watching a video the advertisements are auto-blocked.

  • Search for the trending and most popular videos.
  • DailyTube apk show detailed descriptions of the video and music items.
  • The floating player option is available to enjoy with the apk while doing another task.
  • Background player is available to save data and power of your device.
  • The videos will be played at their highest resolution automatically.
  • Your favorite videos and music can be bookmarked to create your playlist.
  • DailyTube apk has a vast collection of trending videos.
  • Your favorite video channels can be subscribed to.
  • Local videos and music are available.

DailyTube Download For iOS

You are aware that dailytube is an android app. But it is now available for iOS devices also.  To use the app, your iPhone and iPad should have 9.2 or any other higher version. Therefore if you are desired and want to use this apk with your iOS device, now you are capable of doing that. Here’s your chance to get the apk into your device.

Click on the DailyTube download icon below. Then proceed with the instructions as given in the above description. Simply you would be able to download the apk into your device. Feel free to continue your tasks with the app.

DailyTube Download for PC

This is not only a kind of app suitable for mobile devices. But it can be easily used with PCs also. You could download the app by using an android emulator. The following are the accurate steps for the downloading process.

  • First, you need to get an android emulator. An android emulator is an essential requirement to download the app. Bluestacks is one such best emulator.
  • Then launch the android emulator.
  • Launch the Google Play store through the android emulator.
  • Then after that search for the name dailytube on the search bar of the google play store.
  • You will receive the results of the search. From there select the appropriate app you are going to install.
  • Then click on the download option, and wait until the process gets finished.
  • Launch the app by allowing necessary permissions for it.
  • Work with the app freely.

How To Use DailyTube Apk

Here users can use the dailytube as a video or music browser or else as a music and video player. The app is simple. That’s why you can understand how it is functioning. The ads will be blocked by the app. The powerful search engine here allows you to get what you want on time. Then enjoy the dailytube apk.

Safety And Legality

The dailytube is safe and secured for all of your devices. There is no harm caused by installing the app. Even the content of the apk is protected. It is not accessing your private details as well. When it comes to the legality of the app, most people are worrying about the restrictions against the app. But don’t worry there is no any kind of restrictions on the app. Simply get it and get the maximum result by it.


Q: Is the dailytube free?

A: simply it is yes. The dailytube apk is a free software consisting of unlimited options. Users can switch to a mod version but that is a bit costly. But by the download links, we have provided you can get it free.

Final Words

We have reached the end of the article regarding the dailytube apk. Here each and every aspect is mentioned. So the dailytube can be identified as an apk for entertainment with fantastic and diverse features.  So if you haven’t used the apk yet, take your chance.