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Plex is an app (APK) for video streaming like watching Movies and TV shows. What is your hobby? Watching TV, Reading books, Gardening, Or Watching movies and shows? Or something else? Among them, this post is exclusively for the ones who love to watch movies and TV shows in their leisure time. Plex Apk. The app that I am going to discuss here includes tons of entertainment pieces solely to make your free time an enjoyable and fun-filled one.

Normally with the help of traditional cable TV, we cannot watch what we like all the time. We have to watch what the channels offer. But if you have a streaming service with you, then it is certain, you can enjoy anything your heart desires.  There are hundreds of different streaming services you can find there in the app market. But among them, the streaming app Plex Apk lies at the top. Most of the users all around the globe are focusing on Plex Apk as their ideal videos streaming platform. So, now is the time for you to move on to this nice streaming platform Plex Apk.


How to Download Plex Apk on Android?

Plex Apk Download [46.1MB]

APK NamePlex
Latest Versionv8.21.0.26962
Android VersionAndroid 6.0+

Downloading Plex Apk for your Android is a super easy process. You can download this app from this site. And also, from the other app stores like AC Market and Aptoide. Click the Download button above. Get the Plex Apk. Extract the Zip file. Then open and tap on the install button. There you are. The app is downloaded and installed on your Android within few seconds. Open the app and start to stream endlessly until you feel tired.

What this Plex Apk is?

Simply Plex Apk is a video streaming service. Can be recognized as the best video streaming service you can have on your Androids. Plex Apk helps you to have endless entertainment whenever you need it at any time. Everything you cherish is here.

Through this nice platform, you can enjoy loads of movies, TV shows, music, podcasts. Web shows and also Live TV channels. Each of you can enjoy this nice tool happily as this includes something for all of you no matter what you like or who you are. All are there.

One of the greatest features of the app is that it is completely free. The app offers the possibility to enjoy every entertaining piece freely. And also, Plex Apk is equipped with so many nice features that lead to its immense popularity.

plex apk

Features of Plex Apk

Enjoy uncountable movies

Enjoy masterpieces from world-famous great producers through this app freely. Movies from all-time starting from old to now are here. Thousands of on-demand blockbusters, hit, award-winning, and classic movies make its fantastic movie library.

The whole family can surely enjoy this nice tool as this comprises thousands of movies belonging to diverse genres including action, thrillers, comedy, family, kids, romance, animes, children, and so on. Every time you want to watch a movie, there is something new for you. you can enjoy wonderful works from Warner’s brothers, Crackle, MGM, etc. easily with the help of the app.

Thousands of TV shows

Apart from great and hit movies you also can enjoy endless TV shows via Plex Apk. Take this nice tool with you anywhere you go and never miss your favorite live TV show. Because the app lets you enjoy heaps of  Live TV shows you love in addition to the on-demand streaming shows.

Hundreds of Live TV channels

The app Plex Apk makes it possible to enjoy Live TV channels also. Permits to watch anything you like starting from news, sports, kids, lifestyles, cookery, and many more at any time no matter where you are. This supports more than 200+ Live TV channels. Keep in touch with your loved sports and news channels with Plex Apk.

Enjoy music, podcasts, and web shows

In addition to the movies, shows, and live TV Plex Apk also allows us to enjoy music, podcasts, and web shows from every corner of the world freely. This is a full package of entertainment indeed.

Organize your media

If you have installed a Plex Apk media server then you can nicely organize, share and stream your personal movies and shows a library on any device you wish.

How to Download Plex on PC?

In addition to your Android device, you also can have this nice tool for your PC also. An android emulator-equipped PC will let you download Plex very easily. Most people use Nox Player as their favorite Android Emulator due to its prime qualities than similar apps. So, better to try this Nox Player by you too.

You can download Nox Player from its official website. Visit the official website and click the download button of the emulator. After launching Nox Player you have to log in to your Google Account. Then find the Google Play Store and search the app Plex. Next click on the install button and the app will be downloaded. Easy and simple procedure to follow.

How to Use Plex Apk?

Plex Apk is very convenient to use by anyone. Once you download and open the app you need to sign up for the app. You can sign up using your Google account, email, or from your Facebook account as well. Choose your account and sign up. Then on the home page, you can see movies, shows, and live TV channels for you to refer to.

On the drop-out menu on the left side of the screen, you can find Home, Live TV, Movies and Shows, Web Shows, Podcasts, Music, and Downloads and sync for easy reference tabs. There in each category, you can create your library for later reference. When you watch something on the list you can update it as watched. Then the file will be removed.

Plus searching for something to watch is very easy here as the content is categorized into certain genres like romance, horror, comedy, kids when it comes to movies and shows.

Also, there is a folder to add your media files also. You can organize, modify and share the files included here if you install the Plex Apk Media Server.

The settings menu lets you Upgrade Plex Apk to premium, perform several account settings functions, set notifications, carry out some settings related to quality, etc. Also, you can choose the best matching app icon from many options. But for this, you need a Plex Apk pass. Besides the above-mentioned options, this includes much more settings options that truly help you to customize the app in the manner you desire.

Feel comfortable when using the app and enjoy every moment happily thanks to this nice video streaming app. Create your library and have seamless entertainment in one place.

FAQs related to Plex Apk

Is Plex Apk free?

There is a free version of the app too. The free version also included many things to watch. Also, there are some paid versions as well. If you subscribe to Plex Pass then you can enjoy many more other benefits including offline access, parental controls, upgraded media experience and so beyond.

if you ever want to remove all other playback restrictions then you can purchase the app for $4.99 only once.

Does it support Chromecast?

Yes. Plex apk lets you cast your content with the Chromecast to provide upgraded and unique entertainment for sure.

What is Plex Pass?

Simply Plex Pass is a subscription service that permits you to enjoy many more benefits than in the free version. Some of these benefits include watching and recording live broadcastings, access to upgrading Plex Apk features early, upgraded music experience, offline access to contents, parental controlling of the app, and so forth.


Plex Apk simply is the best video streaming service you can have on all your Android devices and also on your PC. The app indeed lets you enjoy immersive entertainment for free. The huge library of the app comprises on-demand movies, shows, Live TV, music, podcasts, and many things solely for your pleasure. Plex Apk is very easy to use as its interface is very simple, but is very attractive. With Plex Pass, you can enjoy many more other benefits than in the free version. With this app, you can easily have access to the media files on your servers and sync devices.