URL Video Player Apk Free Download | Latest Version (Updated)

URL Video Player is an app (Apk) that can play any kind of your desired external video. The users are able to use any kind of remote URL for that purpose. The service provided by this app is free for you. Here there are some basic features provided by the app.

The URL video player apk allows users to save and edit their video lists easily. Also, it is supporting a quick opening of the video that you want. Here while using this app, the users are able to open all video files through the web. Except for the web, users can open those files from any other app that supports sharing. Also, there are app controls included in the app. Through those amazing app controls, the users are able to control the brightness, screen orientation, or else the aspect ratios of the video. Choose the orientation as landscape or portrait. Whatever option, choose the customizations you desired.

url video player apk

Url Video Player Apk Download for Android

Url Video Player Apk Download

Google Play Download

This app is categorized as a video player app. The latest version of the app is 2.0. In order to use this app with your device, you should have the android version 4.0 or any higher version. Now, there are over 5,000,000+ users who have accumulated with the app. It is a lightweight app. It is just a 4.6 MB-sized app. As stated in the given description the app is specially designed for android device users. So you can easily download the Url Video player apk by using the given download tab. The following steps are for you to get an idea about how to download the app.

  • First, enable installs from unknown sources. If not, the download process can be disturbed.
  • Then click on the download tab below.
  • Wait till it gets finished.
  • Install it allowing necessary permissions.
  • Continue your tasks with the app.


What is Url Video Player Apk?

complete full hardware acceleration support is provided for the app. Therefore the users are able to experience a smooth and faster HD video playback experience. The URL video player apk is made and powered by a powerful and intuitive multimedia file manager. Therefore it has a facility for automatic identification of all the video files that are contained within the device. The app is supported for video playback for multiple formats including 3GP, MP3, WEBM, MIDI, WAVE, MP4, FLV, FLAC etc.

url video player

More About The App

The URL video player apk is a kind of app that allows users to play the videos stored in the cloud by using their phones. The app is consistent with many features that make it useful while watching videos. The app is compatible with all android phones and tablets. Also, it is easy to install this app on your devices. Most people are asking why we should get the Url video player apk? There are some more reasons for that. Here the users are able to watch videos anytime anywhere.  Also when you need to use this app, you could get the app quickly and successfully. It is supported for any device including the devices running Android OS, Mac OS, Windows OS etc.

Here the URL video player Apk is helping you to watch any kind of video with your Android device. as above told that the app is compatible with any video format. The app allows you to play multiple video players at the same time. The app is consistent with so many advanced features such as background playback as well as subtitle support.


  • Save and edit the  video list of yours
  • Open the video files via web or any other sharing app
  • Control the display functions such as brightness, screen orientation and the aspect ratios
  • Built-in with a powerful multimedia files manager
  • Full hardware acceleration support for providing fast and smooth HD video playback
  • Support for multiple formats of video including 3GP, MIDI, FLAC, MP3 and MP4.
  • What’s new with the URL video player Apk.
  • The bugs have been fixed with the latest version of the app
  • The app is having a user-friendly interface
  • The app has increased the speed
  • Get the latest version of the app to enjoy
  • Virus-free software
  • 100% working app

Url Video Player Download For iOS

Url video player is available for iOS devices as well. Therefore easily you could work with the iPhones as well as iPads. So the download link is given below. You could easily get the app by using the given download link.  Then help your work with the use above steps. Download the app

Url Video Player Download for PC

  • The URL video apk is available for your PCs. Actually, you have to get the apk by using the method by the android emulator. First, get an android emulator if your device doesn’t contain such one. The most popular android emulators are bluestacks, nox player and the menu player. Here the following procedures are for you to install the apk successfully into your device.
  • First, launch the android emulator that you have downloaded to your device.
  • Then open the google play store by using the emulator. Search for the name URL video apk app by the search bar.
  • Then you will find matching results for the app.
  • Choose the correct apk and download and install it.
  • Allow for the necessary permissions requested by the app.
  • Then feel free and continue your tasks with it.

How To Use Url Video Player Apk?

The URL video player apk is easy to use. And it is only a simple procedure. The app is letting you play some more videos despite the video format. So it is better to start the usage of the app just now.

Safety And Legality

The app is safe for the users as well as their devices of them. The app is secured to download and install. The given download links are also safe. The app is scanning very frequently in order to get rid of harmful viruses. You are protected with the URL video player apk. When it is considered the legality of the app, actually there are no legal issues associated with the app.


Q: Is this URL video player apk free?

A:  Yes, the URL video player apk is a kind of free software. That is delivering unlimited options free of charge. When you are switching from free software to a professional mode it is costly. But you are available to get the free software completely free.

Q: Is it legal to get the apk file?

A: The apk files are in fully authorized format. So there is not much chance of misusing the app. Also, it is occupying a smaller space. Actually, the apk files are the best option to get apps to your device.

Final Words

The URL video player apk is the best app for this kind. In this article, I have tried my best to convince you about this app. Actually, I think you are clear about the doubts regarding this personal tool called the URL video player apk. That we can identify the app as having so many diverse and fantastic features. However, we have discussed each and every factor required for you to work with the app.  Therefore this is your chance to enjoy the app. Get it installed on your device by clicking here. Then have an amazing experience with the app.